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 The Rescue of Balguda - 4/21/2012
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A male calf, aged approximately 6-7 months old was first sighted by visitors wandering on his own below Aruba Dam in Tsavo East National Park. The calf was crying out, clearly distressed, infact it was the calf's cries that first alerted the visitors that something was seriously wrong. The visitors spent much time watching the desperate baby, and it was evident the calf was obviously abandoned and extremely vulnerable with no other elephants in the area, and a pride of lions fairly close by.

The presence of the calf was reported to KWS and our Voi Elephant Keepers who rescued him at dusk on Friday 20th April 2012 just as it was growing dark. While the they could hear the babies cries it took them close on an hour to actually locate the calf deep in the undergrowth. The orphan spent the first night at the Voi Stockades, pampered by the older orphans based there who made a great fuss of the tiny new arrival, and he relaxed and settled down immediately, releived to find his own kind once more. The next morning he was flown to the Nairobi Nursery, Saturday 21st April, 2012. On arrival, having taken his milk well, and appearing strong despite being thin, he was allowed out to join the 20 other Nursery elephants that same afternoon and adjustments were made to the Sleeping Arrangements. He was given the name Balguda- the name of an area in the Park near to where he was rescued.

The rescue plane  The Keepers lay the orphan on a mattress for the plane journey to the orphanage

Off loading the orphan from the rescue plane  Balguda moments after arriving at the Nursery Unit

Balguda having milk

Balguda  Balguda

Balguda with Makireti  Balguda and Barsilinga


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