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 Tano's health update - 4/30/2013
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Tano returned to the Nursery Unit in Nairobi on 15th March 2013 from the Ithumba rehabilitation centre where she had been failing to thrive. Back at the Nursery Unit it is possible to keep a much closer eye on her, carry out tests to try and ascertain what the problems are, and have the benefit of both Daphne and Angela Sheldricks expertise and experience, along with Veterinary advice.
On her return blood samples were taken which indicated that Tano had a chronic bacterial infection, was highly anaemic and suffering some muscle damage. On veterinary advice these were treated with antibiotics, Vitamin B12 injections and Vitamin E selenium and Calvasone. Tano was also treated for parasites. After one week Tano was showing some improvement and further blood samples showed that the infection was diminished although Tanos low blood cell count indicated that she was still anaemic. Anaemia is a chronic problem that can take some time to resolve so this was not unexpected and the results were encouraging. After two weeks blood samples were again taken. Tano had continued to improve and had started to play with the other nursery orphans. The blood analysis showed that there was no more infection but that she was still anaemic. She continues to be given Vitamin B12 injections twice per week to remedy the anaemia.

Tano when she first came back to the Nursey Unit  Tano crossing the stream to the mud bath

Tano taking milk from Edwin

Unfortunately during the last week Tano has suffered with a downturn in mood which is of concern. She has started to move away from the other orphans, no longer playing, and keeping herself to herself somewhat. She is still taking milk with great enthusiasm but is really not interested in eating any greens, even going to the extent of throwing the cut greens out of her stockade. She cannot even be tempted with lucerne or copra cake. As a result she is having erratic stool movements due to the lack of roughage and fibre in her diet. The keepers are adding porridge to her milk, which she is still taking with alacrity, to help alleviate the problem but it is still a concern. The blood tests indicate an increase in her white blood cell count once again, and she is back on antibiotics. Tanos health issues continue to be of great concern to us all, and we have a team of experts working hard to get to the bottom of her problem.    

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