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 Ivory Apocalypse - 5/5/2013
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”The African Elephant – a magnificent and historic symbol of the continent’s natural wonders. They stir emotions, imagination and wonder from humans, but our relationship with them has been tainted due to the continuous obsession with their tusks. For more than 10,000 years humans have coveted ivory and elephants have paid the price, being slaughtered in their millions.”

Africa Geographic’s Science editor Tim Jackson attempts to get to grips with the scale of the crisis. Through numerous interviews with scientists, researchers, NGOs and policymakers across the conservation and trade spectrum, he has filed this special report – ‘Ivory Apocalypse’.

Read this detailed report discussing humans’ persistent demand for ivory over the years, the effects this has had on the world and where we stand now in saving elephants.
We are grateful to Tim Jackson and Africa Geographic for allowing us to publish this important and informative article. Africa Geographic is a monthly publication, available in print and iPad format. For more information and subscriptions please visit http://www.africageographic.com    

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