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 Dika's visit - 11/16/2005
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A very thrilling event in October was a fleeting visit from 18 year old DIKA, (the ex Nursery orphan who grieved for his family for 4 long months as a tiny orphaned calf, and who is now fully integrated as a totally wild member of Tsavo’s wild elephant population, and as one of our rehabilitated Big Bulls, a success story). Dika, who is now a magnificent specimen with sizeable tusks, has been absent for over a year, and on this occasion was obviously bent on travelling to another destination, for he paused only briefly when he happened upon the orphans resting under the shade of a tree after their mudbath. Towering over them, at first the orphans found Dika’s awesome presence a little daunting, but he was at pains to reassure them, touching each and every one gently with his trunk, before proceeding on his journey. Mukwaju and Morani were tempted to go along too, but having followed him for a while, thought better of it and turned back to rejoin their peers. A visit from one of our BIG BOYS is always a very exciting event, and yet again another reminder that “elephants never forget”!

Dika with the Voi Unit babies  Mukwaju and Morani were tempted to go along with Dika

Dika, now a beautiful strong proud bull elephant successfully integrated back into the wild  Dika paused only briefly to say hallo to the Voi Unit and then headed off.


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