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 Treating the Wounded in Tsavo - 10/2/2013
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The Kenya Wildlife Service and DSWT’s Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit continues to battle the onslaught of poaching on a daily basis in the greater Tsavo Ecosystem.   During the month of August Dr. Poghon, the unit’s KWS Field Veterinarian heading the team, was inundated with reports of urgent wildlife cases, predominantly wounded elephants. 

The Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit during this period attended 24 cases, of which 17 were elephant cases, the majority of which were found to have poisoned arrow wounds, followed by bullet and spear injuries.  The unit also attended to four elephant calf rescues and 1 rhino calf rescue whilst treating other wildlife cases.  Dr. Poghon and his team were able to save the lives of most of these elephants and victims of poaching who otherwise would have suffered slowly and painfully over the coming days and weeks before succumbing to their wounds.

Whilst the DSWT and the KWS continue to work together to provide extensive aerial and ground security over the Tsavo Conservation Area, this vet unit is vital in preventing the deaths of yet more innocent elephants and wild animals.  Please support this unit or any of our other veterinary initiatives however you can by donating through our website at https://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/is/donate_now.asp

Here you can view the Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit’s report for August:


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