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 NDOLOLO UPDATE - 1/9/2006
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Our little blind elephant who arrived at the nursery on the 16th of October, whose life swung precariously in the balance, is today, against all odds, growing from strength to strength. The eye specialists working on trying to repair Ndololo’s sight are particularly pleased with the progress being made with his left eye. For two months we struggled trying to keep this tiny fragile little elephant alive, as slowly slowly his strength ebbed away and we just couldn’t seem to get topsides of his upset stomach. After numerous doses of antibiotics it seemed a hopeless cause and we were sure he was to be counted along with those who tragically never managed to win their struggle for life.

Ndololo in November, reluctant to leave the confines of his stable, and desperately thin

However, there was always one thing different with Ndololo that all who knew him couldn't help but notice. He was determined to live, a real little fighter, and from the very first day seemed to defy all odds. As a final desperate measure we decided to up his milk strength to maximum strength, as clearly he was wasting away on the weak mixture we were giving him as a result of his stomach upsets, and at the same time gave him yet another dose of antibiotics, convinced we had nothing to loose. Unbelievably from that moment on he has turned the corner. He began to thrive, and that final antibiotic dose held his stomach. Before he was reluctant to leave the familiar confines of his stable, frightened by what lay beyond, and now Ndololo strides out in the mornings and joins the others for the whole day in the bush. He comes to the midday mudbath daily and to those who do not know would never believe he was blind, as he seems to cope with his disability, giving away very few tell tale signs. His little cheeks have filled out, and he now plays, always a sure indication of a happy little elephant. The eye specialists feel that the progress made in one eye particularly is dramatic and we are cautiously optimistic that he will gain enough sight in that one eye to live a normal life in the wild.

Ndololo  Ndololo walking to the midday mudbath

Ndololo with Zurura  Ndololo snuggles up to his Keeper


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