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 April Report from the Anti-Poaching Units in Tsavo - 5/20/2014
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Several large storms during the first half of April were adequate to re-green much of Tsavo and fill many remote waterholes. Although the southern parts of Tsavo remained fairly dense, areas such as Ithumba in the north had begun to dry out by the end of the month. Likely to do with the weather, illegal activities reported by the ground teams were light during the first half of the month, but began to increase towards the end. The makeup of illegal activity was consistent with previous months with large numbers of illegal herders being apprehended, as well as charcoal burners and loggers.  Due to ranger training at KWS’s Manyani Academy, the Chyulu and Kenze teams have joined forces waiting to reform their teams once their DSWT rangers have graduated.

The Ithumba team was called to assist in the veterinary treatment of a bull elephant in the Northern area which had been shot many times with poisoned arrows. Unfortunately, after several days of monitoring, the bull succumbed to its injuries and collapsed. However, joint patrols between Ithumba and Tiva teams yielded 5 arrests of ivory poachers, four of whom were responsible for this bull’s tragic death. 



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