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 A Quarterly Report from the Mobile Veterinary Units - 7/16/2014
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Now with four Mobile Veterinary Units in operation within Kenya covering the greater Tsavo, Mara, Meru and Amboseli ecosystems, the DSWT, in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service, is extending a far reaching veterinary rapid response service to wildlife in need.   This vital permanent presence on the ground is further supported by the Sky Vet program, which deploys KWS veterinary officers to any case in the field unable to be attended by one of the mobile units.

Over the past three months and with the new addition of the Amboseli Mobile Veterinary Unit, which has been in operation since May, the four teams have treated over 60 cases as well as taking part in many translocation, monitoring and disease surveillance programs.  Over half of these cases treated were elephant cases, predominantly caused by poisoned arrows and bullet wounds, yet with rapid attention from our experienced field veterinarians, many of these injured wild animals were treated successfully having been given a good prognosis of full recovery.   

These mobile veterinary initiatives are incredibly important during a period which is seeing an increasing number of wild animals targeted through poaching and human-wildlife conflict, yet with swift reporting, timely response, effective treatment and close monitoring, many lives can be saved.

Below you can read about all these cases during April to June as reported by the DSWT/KWS Mobile Veterinary Units.  The DSWT is hugely grateful to all the donors and supporters of these units as well as all the individuals and organisations involved in each case reported and having a hand in helping us to save Kenya’s wildlife.    


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