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 The Mobile Veterinary Unit saves the life of a bull elephant at Mackinnon Road - 6/5/2006
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The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trustís Mobile Veterinary Unit, funded by the Austrian NGO Vier Pfoten, has saved the lives of numerous animals in the three years it has been operational and the unit has been able to save the lives of over 100 elephants. Many of the wounds inflicted by wire snares, poisonous arrows, spear wounds, and bullet wounds. On the 22nd May Dr. David Ndeereh treated this particular bull with a snare around the head on the KMC ranch close to MacKinnon Road.

The bull is darted and the cable snare clearly visible wrapped around the elephant's head  Cutting the snare

Pulling the cable snare free  Cleaning the wound at the base of the trunk

The ear is split by the snare

The case was reported by a Somali herdsmen to the Kenyan Wildlife Service rangers based at the outpost at MacKinnon. The snare had cut deeply into the right side of the base of the trunk and the left ear pinna. This animal must have been suffering from unimaginable pain, as the cable snare dug deeper and deeper into its flesh. The snare was removed and the injury cleaned and treated and systemic antibiotics given. It is very satisfying knowing that through the work of The Trustís Mobile Veterinary Unit these magnificent creatures that suffer such cruelty from the hand of man can have a second chance.

The wounds are cleaned and systemic antibiotics given  The elephant getting back to his feet after the snare was removed and the wounds treated

The bull wanders off after the operation

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