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 A three month old calf with a poisonous arrow wound - 8/2/2006
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On the 19th of July a report was received by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's Mobile Veterinary unit in Tsavo East National Park of a small elephant calf still with its herd but obviously injured. Once they located the calf closer inspection revealed a three month elephant with a suspected arrow injury on left hind leg that was heavily infected. The calf was walking with a marked limp and pus could be seen discharging from afar. The family was very protective and would not leave the calf after it had been darted and as a result the vet had to dart the mother too in order to drive the rest of the family members away. After treatment, both were revived simultaneously and immediately joined the family unit that was waiting close by. The family is still being searched for to assess progress at the time of preparing this report. Please click here to view the July Mobile Veterinary Unit Report. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's Mobile Veterinary Unit is funded by Vier Photen.

The injured calf is spotted close to its mother and the Matriach  The Matriach and mother desperately try to attend to the calf as it succumbs to the drug

The mother is eventually darted as well

A heavily infected poisonous arrow wound on the calfs left hind leg  The veterinary unit works quickly on the calf's wound

While the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's Mobile veterinary unit works on the young calf the herd

Reviving the mother and calf having finished cleaning the calf's wound

The mother and her calf go to join the wild herd  The young mother and her baby are embraced by the waiting herd and water away from the scene of the


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