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 A January report from the DSWT/KWS Anti-Poaching Units - 2/18/2016
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January saw the rains easing off, although large storms still graced some areas throughout the Tsavo Conservation Area.   After a quieter couple of months, a slight increase in illegal activities was experienced this month involving mostly charcoal burning activities in the Parks and Protected Areas whilst livestock incursion and logging was also prevalent. 

216 snares were recovered during January, most of which were collected by the Yatta team based in Meru National Park, where bush-meat poaching continues to be a significant threat to the ecosystem.  Despite this the Yatta team’s presence has been making a substantial difference, especially in witnessing a decline in elephant and rhino poaching.

9 arrests were made during the month including 9 charcoal burners, 4 livestock herders and 2 loggers whilst arrests were also made for illegal woodcarving activities and miraa harvesting.  There were also two veterinary interventions during the month which were directly assisted by the Burra Anti-Poaching team.  The DSWT/KWS Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit treated a wounded elephant and a lion with help from the Burra rangers.

Two elephant carcasses were found in January, both of which still had their tusks intact, which were handed over to the KWS.  The first carcass was sighted by the DSWT’s Aerial unit on routine aerial surveillance patrols and was followed up on the ground by the Mtito team.  The second carcass was a victim of the bush Nairobi-Mombasa highway, having been hit by a lorry.  The Mtito team was at the scene having received the report and removed its tusks.

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