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<<--  Entry for:  January   14, 2012  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Voi Unit  January   14, 2012 After the usual fun in the Stockade Compound, the Juniors were led out to browse by Lempaute. At noon, after their milk, all plunged into the Big Waterhole, Kenia encouraging Dida to go in, who cautiously kept an eye on the exuberant colleagues. Whilst the Juniors were bathing, Burra arrived on his own and went to join Dabassa in the pool, but Dabassa was scared and ran out, prompting all the others to do the same, which made the Keepers laugh. Burra to enjoy bathing on his own. However, later he joined them at the dustbath where he stroked Dida gently with his trunk in a compassionate gesture of love and concern. Having spent time with the Juniors, Burra separated, heading towards the Voi river where the Ex Orphans were probably browsing.

Kenia right playing with Dida

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