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<<--  Entry for:  October   19, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   19, 2018 Kiko has been in a very naughty mood recently – both with the Keepers and the elephants as well. One of his recent favourite naughty things to do is snatch the hats off the Keepers’ heads!
As the orphans were browsing in the forest today, the ever-playful Malima didn’t seem interested in feeding but instead wanted to start a game. No one was interested in playing with her as they were all happy browsing on the vegetation. In the end she opted for rolling on the ground and throwing dust on herself, trumpeting at times to clear her trunk. Suddenly she changed tactics and tried to lure Tamiyoi to join her in her fun, but Tamiyoi was content with just browsing. To express her annoyance at not finding a playmate and being rejected by Tamiyoi, Malima took Tamiyoi’s tail and bit the end of it. Tamiyoi shouted with pain obviously, drawing the attention of the other babies who came running to help her and find out what was wrong. Seeing the others come running over, Malima quickly got up and moved away to avoid being disciplined, and the peace was restored.

Kiko in his room

Voi Unit  October   19, 2018 The stockade dependent orphan elephants came out early in the morning ready to take off to the bush after the milk and supplement feeding. Ngilai, Godoma and Tahri enjoyed a fun hide and seek game but were very vigilant when crossing the stockade terraces to avoid any potential accidents. Murit had a play fight with Lasayen, before Ndotto intervened trying to separate the two from their wonderful game. Nelion scratched his itchy bottom on a rock in the stockade compound, while Naipoki, Kihari and Ishaq-B were busy rolling on the red earth piles of soil and obviously having a lot of fun.

Nguvu was the leader today and directed his friends out of the stockade towards the bush which was very unusual as he has never taken the leading role before! Mudanda and Mashariki followed Nguvu from behind, curiously watching his leading role that was indeed more perfect than they all expected.
The orphan elephants remained busy browsing throughout the rest of the morning before heading off to enjoy themselves in a mud bath following their noon milk feed. As they were busy swimming, a big buffalo herd arrived to drink. There was a little bit of a drama as Mbegu’s herd was scared by the buffalo. The buffalos ignored the orphans’ attempts to chase them away from the water hole, but Tundani persisted and succeeded in driving them away for some time. The elephants were then kind enough to leave the water hole for the thirsty buffalo to come in for a drink as well.

Tundani reaching for greens

Ithumba Unit  October   19, 2018 It was a cool and quiet morning today after we received some 10 mm of rain last night. It also meant the wild elephants dispersed and we had Orwa, Narok and Bomani alone as the only ex-orphans with us today. Pare and Kithaka started scratching their neck on the wall while Orwa and Narok drank water before walking out to the bush. The orphans also had some water before following the ex-orphans out too. All the orphans browsed peacefully. Turkwel and Oltaiyoni browsed together and away from the others. It was quite cold and the orphans were not very active or playful.

At mud bath the dependent orphans had their bottles and they all then walked to the water trough to have some water. After a few minutes, they started filtering back out to the bush as they wouldn’t play in the water as it was still chilly. No other wild elephants or ex-orphans visited the orphans, except for Orwa, Narok and Bomani who stayed with the orphans for the whole day. Roi and Narok were drinking rain water along the road and later they invited Ukame and Mteto to join them. The rest started playing in the muddy puddles along the road, and later they all walked back home for their milk. Only three wild bulls came to drink water today. We are still waiting for more rain, but we are sure this is the start of the short rains!

Pare scratching his neck

Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   19, 2018 Alamaya and Mwashoti walked out for a new day after all the other orphans had already left because they were the last babies to finish feeding. Shukuru had taken up position next to her own pile of pellets behind the gate entrance. At the main feeding area, Murera chased the others away who were getting too over excited and boisterous. They were all eating so fast! Lima Lima the first victim to be chased by Murera, and then Quanza, making all the other babies quite fearful and slow down. This was how Alamaya and Mwashoti ended up being the last in the stockades as all the others had decided to leave for the forest and find branches to browse on. Murera realized she was left alone with the young boys and when they were done she led them both out to the hills to browse as well.

Sonje dustbathing

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