Giving Tuesday

Your generosity and kindness is helping deliver hope for the wild


As of 18:02 GMT on 1st December, the incredible generosity of our supporters has resulted in US$540,000 being raised for the protection of wildlife and habitats in Kenya, in a single day!

Now that the matched fund has been exhausted, please be aware that any further donations will not be matched, however, any and all donations remain most welcomed and needed, as we continue to face the impacts of Covid-19.

We are humbled by your kindness and committed support to our efforts, and are so grateful to everyone who has donated today (and those who donate year-round), with a special thank you to the five individuals who created the $270,000 fund for this Giving Tuesday campaign.

We are grateful for our herd: The people around the world who, even in a year marked by enormous challenges and heart-breaking losses, continue to take a stand for wildlife. While this has been one of the most challenging chapters in our organisation’s history, we remain singularly focused on our conservation mission and our lifesaving projects continue unabated — as they must. There are orphaned elephants to feed, wild lives to save, and key habitats to protect.

With the completion of our Giving Tuesday matched campaign - whereby our wonderful supporters donated US$270,000, triggering the release of the full US$270,000 matched fund that had been created by five of the Sheldrick Trust's donors - an astounding US$540,000 has been generated for our wildlife and habitat protection projects. These funds are vital to help us raise orphaned elephants and rhinos, and protect the wild spaces they call home, today and for the future.

Currently: of the US$270,000 target raised


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Our match goal of $270,000 has been met! Although donations will no longer be matched, any contribution you make will play a vital role in our conservation work.

At the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust we take a 360-degree approach to conservation, delivering complementary programs that work in tandem with one another to save lives and safeguard the future of wildlife.

Our hands-on experience in the preservation of wildlife is forged over 70 years, through the passionate commitment of the Sheldrick family to create a better world for animals. From our pioneering Orphans’ Project to Anti-Poaching Operations, Aerial Surveillance to Community Engagement, and Habitat Security to Veterinary treatment in the field, our holistic approach to wildlife conservation offers Kenya’s wildlife hope for the future.

-- Your donations in action --


Orphaned elephants rescued & raised


Animals attended to by Vet Teams

256 Kms

Fencelines to mitigate human-wildlife conflict


Poachers' snares removed & destroyed


Babies born to orphans now living wild


Saplings planted to replenish habitats

Animal Rescue

Rescuing and raising orphaned rhinos, giraffes, and elephants, like Bondeni. Just days’ old, he wandered alone into a village, where he was fortunate to find kind hearted souls who sounded the alarm. 18 months on, boisterous Bondeni is thriving at our Nairobi Nursery.

Over the years we’ve successfully raised 262 orphaned elephants; 97 of these individuals are currently being cared for at our Nursery and three Reintegration Units, while the other 165 have rejoined Kenya's elephants herds, living independent wild lives. Many have even gone on to start a family: we know of at least 37 babies born to orphans we have rescued, raised and reintegrated.

Our commitment to each orphan lasts a lifetime, with all of our projects working together seamlessly to ensure the long-term protection and safety of the animals we rescue.

Environmental Response

Tackling the impact of climate change, which is contributing to increasingly unpredictable weather patterns and extremes of drought, flood and wild fires, which cost lives and livelihoods.

During times of drought, when the availability of Water for Wildlife is crucial, our fleet of 8 water bowsers and 28 boreholes are the only lifeline for many of Tsavo’s wild herds; providing millions of litres of water.

Bushfires are becoming common place; this fire season alone we tackled over 57 fires in the Tsavo Conservation Area; our trained personnel utilising aerial and ground equipment to halt the flames and limit the devastation caused.

Veterinary Intervention

Attending to injured and sick wild animals across the country, through the deployment of five Mobile Veterinary Units and Sky Vets.

The majority of incidents involve animals injured with spears, arrows, bullets and snares due to poaching and human-wildlife conflict, with assistance also afforded to victims of drought, fire, flood and natural causes. Teams also play a vital conflict mitigation role, translocating wild animals from community areas into protected National Parks to prevent the risk of injury or death.

In partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service, our teams have responded to more than 7,000 wildlife emergencies, including over 2,800 elephant cases: alleviating suffering and saving thousands of lives.

Habitat Protection

Habitat loss and fragmentation, due to human infrastructure and development, is one of the greatest threats to wildlife: with no space, animals have no home, and incidents of human-wildlife conflict invariably increase.

Securing wilderness areas, protecting and replenishing forests, and supporting community led tourism initiatives that respect and give back to nature is critical to the long term health of the planet, benefiting all living creatures.

Working directly with communities, NGO partners and public bodies, we identify, secure and manage wilderness areas and threatened habitats across Kenya.

Make a donation

Our match goal of $270,000 has been met! Although donations will no longer be matched, any contribution you make will play a vital role in our conservation work.

Rules of the matched giving campaign - when, where and which donations are eligible

Start date and time: 00.01am GMT on Tuesday 1st December 2020.

End date and time: 07.00am GMT on Wednesday 2nd December 2020, or when the US$270,000 matching fund is exhausted, whichever comes first. If the matching fund is exhausted this will be immediately announced on the Giving Tuesday campaign page ( and the Sheldrick Trust Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Matching conditions: Between the start and end date of the matched Giving Tuesday campaign, all online donations, including adoptions, made directly to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust via our website ( will be matched. All online donations to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust USA will be matched dollar for dollar during the same period, up to a total matched fund amount of US$270,000, or until the end date/time, whichever occurs first.

Donations that will not be matched: Donations made before 00.01am GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) on Tuesday 1st December, and after 07.00am GMT on Wednesday 2nd December 2020, will not be matched. Donations made after the matched funding runs out will not be matched. Direct Debits made via the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (UK) will not be eligible for the match. Purchases from the SWT or SWT USA merchandise shops will NOT be matched, as these are not classified as donations for auditing purposes. Donations to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust or Sheldrick Wildlife Trust USA via third party sources, including (but not limited to) Just Giving, Facebook, Instagram, Virgin Money Giving, Crowdrise, will not be matched.