Giving Tuesday

With your help this Giving Tuesday, $600,000 has been generated for our field projects and to help combat the rise in human-wildlife conflict.


You are all truly incredible. Your generosity today has seen us achieve our matched target! You've donated $300,000, which will be matched dollar-for-dollar. That's $600,000 for our conservation projects in Kenya - we are blown away by your kindness and so humbled. Thank you so much for helping us in our mission to secure a future for wild species and habitats in Kenya. Your donations will be directed to our field projects where they are so needed and we look forward to sharing with you the life-saving work you are making a reality for individual animals and entire species.

Elephants have roamed the earth for millennia, yet their very existence now hangs in the balance. Every threat facing these remarkable creatures, and so many other wild species, comes down to one common denominator - humans.

As mankind's footprint continues to expand, wildlife becomes increasingly displaced and, more often than not, conflict ensues. At the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, we witness the growing issue of human-wildlife conflict on a daily basis. We see how it permeates across all the conservation programs in which we operate, from orphaned elephants like Mbegu and Ziwadi, who lost their families, one stoned by a community the other shot with an arrow, to the thousands of animals our SWT/KWS Mobile Veterinary Units treat for spear and snare wounds.

With wild spaces shrinking by the minute, long-term solutions are needed to ensure wildlife and mankind can coexist, while immediate interventions are essential to save lives today. We are positioned to act — and this #GivingTuesday, with your help, we have the opportunity to double our impact in the field and combat the rise in human-wildlife conflict.

Two special donors have committed to match all online donations received to the SWT and SWT USA on Tuesday 3rd December 2019, Giving Tuesday, up to a total of US$300,000. This is a one-day only opportunity and means that any donation you make to us today will be matched dollar-for-dollar (pound-for-pound) up to a total of US$300,000 in support of our core conservation projects in Kenya.

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Our Giving Tuesday match has been met, donations are still needed to fund our work, however they will no longer be matched.

At the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust we take a 360-degree approach to conservation, operating eight key programs that work in tandem with one another to saves lives and safeguard the future of wildlife.

Through our keystone Orphans’ Project, we rescue and raise orphaned wildlife until they are ready to be reintegrated back into a protected wilderness. Our Anti-Poaching, Aerial Surveillance, Canine and Mobile Veterinary Teams partner with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to ensure the safety of Kenya’s wildlife and provide an immediate field-level response incidents that threaten the lives of any wild animal. Through our Saving Habitats initiative, we secure key ecosystems and erect extensive fence lines to mitigate conflict between humans and wildlife. We work closely with local Kenyans to empower community-led conservation initiatives. With over four decades of conservation successes to our name, we know what measures are needed to ensure the safety of wildlife for generations to come.

With your help, we can implement the solutions needed and expand our reach, enabling us to save more wild animals and reduce the size of mankind's footprint on nature. Together we can create a sustainable future for all wildlife, habitats, and communities.

Your donation this Giving Tuesday - 3rd December - will be doubled, allowing us to increase the impact of our key conservation programs; ensuring that elephants and their wild friends continue to have a place on this planet.

Rescuing orphans of conflict

Mbegu, just days old, experienced first-hand the reality of human-wildlife conflict when her herd passed into a community where a person had been killed by an elephant. The community demanded a response and an elephant was shot by authorities. In the impending stampede as the herd panicked, Mbegu was separated from the herd and then set upon with people throwing spears and stones at her in retribution for the lost human life. Fortunately a local conservancy warden stepped in and, risking the wrath of the community, protected the calf until the SWT could arrive to mount a rescue.

Whatever the reason an infant, milk-dependent wild animal is orphaned, the SWT will do everything in our power to save their life. Once in our care, we will help them overcome their ordeal and set them on a path towards a life back in the wild when grown. To achieve that, we need your help, to provide the specialist milk, husbandry, Keeper care, medication, and home they require as we raise them. To meet the needs of a single orphan elephants requires an investment of US$10,000 per year - we have 97 of these precious lives in our care right now! Please give what you can to support elephants like Mbegu.

Helping victims

In partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service, our five Mobile Veterinary Units have attended to more than 6,400 wild animals, including elephants, rhinos, giraffes, zebras, lions, cheetahs and countless other species. Freeing animals from snares that cause unimaginable pain and a slow death, removing poison arrows from elephants, treating animals shot with bullets and those hit with spears. Whether it's human-wildlife conflict, ivory and rhino horn poaching, territorial injury or bushmeat poaching, the goal of our units is always the same - to alleviate suffering and save lives.

A worrying trend is the increase in cases of human-wildlife conflict attended by the Units. Already in 2019 we have seen double the number of HWC cases as we did two years ago, totalling 119 as of today. Making a matched donation today will see your donation doubled, helping us meet this increase, and keeping the Vet Teams’ wheels rolling, their medical kits topped up, and their dart guns at the ready, so that when the next call comes in, we are positioned to help the next victim survive.

Securing a future for wildlife

When we rescue an orphan or treat an injured animal we reflect on a job well done, but we also look to the solutions that will reduce the need for these individual interventions and instead move us towards a time when animals and humans live in greater harmony.

We have erected more than 200kms of electric fencing along sensitive boundaries between protected areas and community land; reducing human incursions and elephant excursions in high density human areas, with a proven drop in human-wildlife conflict. Parcels of land have been secured by the SWT, individually and in partnership with local communities, conservation partners and forest authorities, setting aside the land for wildlife so that animals have a protected space to roam. We have planted tens of thousands of trees with local communities, helping reforest areas to the benefit of both animals and people. Hundreds of thousands of school children have been educated about wildlife, through visits to the Trust and participating in the 80+ Field Trips we conduct annually.

Individually these acts make a difference to animals' lives, collectively they offer long-term solutions for the future of wildlife. There is more to be done and with your help today, we can double our impact at a field level.

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Our Giving Tuesday match has been met, donations are still needed to fund our work, however they will no longer be matched.

When will your donation be matched - rules of the matched giving campaign

Start date and time: 07.00am GMT on Tuesday 3rd December 2019

End date and time: 06.59am GMT on Wednesday 4th December 2019, or when the US$300,000 matching fund is exhausted, whichever comes first. If the matching fund is exhausted this will be immediately announced on the Giving Tuesday campaign page

Matching conditions: All online donations made directly to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust via our Giving Tuesday 2019 campaign page, including those to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust USA, will be matched dollar for dollar (pound for pound) up to a total matched fund amount of US$300,000.

Donations that will not be matched: Donations made before 07.00am GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) on Tuesday 3rd December, after 06.59am GMT on Wednesday 4th December 2019, and donations made after the matched funding runs out will not be matched. Direct debits made to the UK Charity will not be matched, nor will any purchases from the SWT or SWT USA merchandise shops, which are not considered donations for auditing purposes.