Keepers' Diaries, June 2015

Ithumba Reintegration Unit

The new arrivals Kithaka, Barsilinga and Lemoyian are having a wonderful time in their new home, favored by the females in the dependent group, and ex-orphans Sidai, Lenana and Chyulu all hooked on the little chaps. They have fitted in like veterans and love the stimulation and exposure to all the older orphans and wild bulls too. Dependent orphan Kainuk has become extremely attached to Lemoyian and gets jealous when the older orphans come to take charge of him.

01 June 2015

Soon after leaving the stockade, Sities immediately headed up to the new babies stockade to check on Kithaka, Barsilinga and Lemoyian who have become very much become a central part of the dependent orphan’s attention.. Upon finding them she kept a close watch on them, sniffing them all over. She then picked up a few of their left over night feed and left with them. As the others spilled out of their stockades ready to face the day Laragai stepped on the grass that Kanjoro was intending to feed on. He was angered by Laragai’s actions and gave he a very hard shove, making sure she was painfully aware of his displeasure. The morning was chilly and none of the orphans passed by the water trough to drink, but instead headed towards Kone with their faithful keepers trailing behind. Narok led the way today and the rest of the group filed out behind her. The new arrivals Kithaka, Barsilinga and Lemoyain have now settled in well and seem extremely happy and excited by their new home. There is now so much more stimulation for them between the dependent young, semi dependent and the ex orphans and their wild friends. Every day is different and they love the browse in Ithumba too. . Sities and Turkwel kept guard on the three babies having to discipline Garzi from time to time and he was always prone to riding on them. Garzi used to be the smallest in the group, but now after arrival of the three new babies, Garzi now wants to show that he is not a junior anymore and is prone to harassing them whenever he gets chance – thankfully the girls make sure this never gets out of hand. At mud bath time, the weather was still chilly and the juniors only took milk then water before Kithaka led the way back to the bush. The by passed a mud bath entirely but this is not unusual in the cold season. On the way, Teleki took some time to roll on the ground before finally following the rest. Kanjoro and Shukuru also spent time soil dusting tossing the powder red earth over their bodies. Its cooling effect is favoured by all the elephants. Towards evening, the juniors were joined by a group of ex orphans who found them in the bush. The group included Sidai, Lenana, Tomboi, Lualeni, Ololoo, Loijuk, Madiba and Zurura. Sidai and Lenana who from the beginning have fallen in love with Kithaka, Lemoyain and Barsilinga, didn't want to leave them for a moment and kept trailing them. The group passed at mud bath where Lualeni opted for an evening mud bath. Orwa who likes to challenge his seniors decided to have a strength testing exercise with Ololoo but unfortunately lost and sheepishly faded into the background hoping it was not noticed by the others. As the herd headed to the stockade, there was great excitement from Loijuk who was just celebrating life, charging and trumpeting, thrashing bushes in her path. On the way, Barsilinga stopped to perform a soil dusting exercise using his trunk. Buchuma, Sidai and Lenana also stopped and waited for him to finish. The little babies love the attention they are having lavished on them. At the stockade, Sidai was furious to be locked out, as she had every intention of heading into the stockades with her little babies. She moved up and down until she was tired. Its only then she teamed back up with Lenana, Buchuma, Zurura, Loijuk, Ololoo, Lualeni and Madiba and left for an undisclosed location.

02 June 2015

On the way to the browsing field, Bongo pushed Vuria from behind trying to entice him into a pushing game. Vuria wasn't interested and kept on going forward without turning back. The orphans settled to feed at Kone area. Narok came across a valley that was deep so she folded her back legs when going down and when going up, she folded her fore legs and supported herself by lowering her tusks to the ground. When she succeeded in getting up the other side, she was so excited that she broke a tree branch and threw it on her back. Lemoyian walked over to where Mutara was browsing and funnily enough Mutara didn't push him away, so this can only mean that she had some liking for Lemoyian as Mutara can be extremely grumpy at times. Kithaka, who was feeding some metres away, developed an itch behind his ears and opted to scratch the ear against a nearby tree whilst Vuria used his small tusks to dig soil to loosen it so that he could dust himself. Laragai entertained herself by sitting on her haunches and twisting her head sideways. At ten o'clock in the morning, the juniors were joined by Yatta's group. As usual, Sidai and Lenana went straight to check on "their" babies, Kithaka, Lemoyian and Barsilinga. Sidai spent most of the day relaxing with Kithaka and Barsilinga whilst brave Lemoyian interacted with everyone. Later in the day,Orwa, Teleki, Bongo and Turkwel took some time off from feeding to participate in a soil bathing exercise which became very extensive. In the evening ex orphans Sidai, Lenana with the other ex-orphans, escorted the juniors back to the stockade.

03 June 2015

After the orphans had finished their morning breakfast they joined Sidai's group who had slept next to the stockade all night waiting for Kithaka, Barsilinga and Lemoyian. Mutara's group of dependent orphans joined them and headed to the bush. Barsilinga is becoming increasingly settled and today started scratching on a Baobab tree. The three arrivals are still walking together and always next to the keepers, so while they are enjoying an awful amount of attention from dependent orphans, ex orphans and Keeper alike they are still clinging to their human family while they get to complete grips with their new environment. Vuria seems to be striking up a friendship with the three newcomers and is always next to them. This is hardly surprising as they spent much time in the Nursery together. Kanjoro and Orwa started play fighting and Lemoyian and Kithaka copied them doing the bull thing of just being physical for extended periods of time. Orwa quit his fight with Kanjoro and engaged Vuria for a second round at play fighting. The group then headed to the mudbath for more fun and games. In the mudbath, a large group of ex-orphans including Yatta with her baby Yetu, Mulika with her baby Mwende, Wendi, Kinna, Madiba and Nasalot and two wild elephants joined the juniors. There were a lot of white butterflies flying in the air and congregating on the dung piles. It made for a simply beautiful sight of elephants with veils of delicate butterflies. The elephants were more active as the butterflies are fun to chase. The orphans didn't have much time for playing after the ex-orphans dominated the area. The new arrivals were scared and came to where the keepers were having their lunch and stood next to them until it was time to go back to the bush. The ex-orphans played vigorously in the mudbath with Napasha scratching on the tree near the mudbath watching the fun as Vuria led the group back in the bush. In the bush, Kithaka was very playful and rolling on the ground, Barsilinga copied Kithaka while Lemoyian scratched on a tree. When the group came across a dam of water they started playing in the water until it was time to head home with Vuria leading the way.

04 June 2015

Orok, Kenze and Narok were at the stockade compound in morning. Zurura walked up to the main gate and stood at the gate making it impossible for the babies to leave for fear of being pushed. Narok gathered courage and walked down to meet Zurura and ask him if he can clear the way for the babies to leave. She entwined her trunk with Zurura and finally Zurura accepted to step back. At the water trough, Sities joined Orok and Kenze in drinking water and later left the two ex-orphans at the stockade water trough. Mutara led the way to Kanziku area where the orphans settled to browse and were joined by Kilabasi, Murka, Naisula and Kitirua. Kilabasi belongs was originally with Makireti’s group but it appears that she has changed and now prefers Olare. Olare is the group leader of Naisula, Kitirua, Murka and Ishanga. The sub-groups of the partially independent group do not maintain permanent membership but keep on changing depending on the circumstances. Orwa was happy to be joined by the partially independent group for he knew that he would learn some new tactics from the visitors. Orwa engaged Kilabasi to learn some new pushing tactics and at the same time test how much strength he had gained since their last encounter. At mud bath time, the weather was chilly with heavy rain clouds obscuring the sky. It looked as if it would rain, but slowly the clouds cleared giving way to sunshine. The orphans settled to browse near the mudwallow. Sometimes, Kithaka would sneak away to go and peep through the bushes to see if the keepers were where he had left them and then run back to join his friends. Barsilinga and Lemoyian felt comfortable feeding close to Mutara and settled to browse by her side. Vuria and Bongo got into their usual pushing contest that ended only when Vuria surrendered. Later, Vuria settled to browse with Orwa and Garzi while Lemoyian had a light strength testing game with Kithaka. In the evening, on their way back to the stockade, the juniors were joined by Lualeni, Kenze and Ololoo. The juniors passed at mud bath where they did an evening wallowing before proceeding to the stockade.

05 June 2015

Soon after getting to the browsing field, Lemoyian came across a fallen log that he cunningly used to scratch his neck. Narok was feeding close by and was attracted by the ingenious technique Lemoyian was doing and so came forward to join him for a scratch. Today was dramatic as early in the morning Suguta who we have not seen for a long time, nearly one month, was seen escorted by ex orphans Loijuk and Madiba and clearly something was wrong. It was unusual for Suguta to come all the way to the stockade without her company of Melia, Tumaren, Kalama, Kibo, Kandecha and Chemi chemi. Something was definitely wrong. On inspection Suguta, had two wounds which is obviously why Loijuk and Madiba had brought her back to the stockade, the only place she could get help. We immediately secured Suguta in the stockades while we contacted Angela to report things and arrange quick medical attention as we feared poisoned arrows. Madiba left after making sure that he had delivered the patient to the right place but Loijuk decided to stick around to monitor Suguta. Lualeni and Olare visited the patient at the stockade and since they were not allowed in, they communicated with Suguta through the fence comforting here. Angela reacted fast and Dr. Poghon was flown in by DSWT pilot Neville Sheldrick before 11.00am and tended to Suguta's wounds. Loijuk and Olare were taken to join the juniors that were feeding a distance away. The wounds were attended to an curiously no arrows were found. Dr. Poghon worried that maybe with the side wound the arrow was lodged in the lung. This was relayed to Angela and a plan made to send the DSWT's portable X-Ray machine to ithumba. After Suguta was treated, Loijuk and the juniors were allowed to come and console her. Loijuk was the first one to wish Suguta a quick recovery then Barsilinga and Lemoyian came in and touched Suguta with their trunks followed by Teleki and Sities who escorted them all to the bush, Suguta too joining the small orphans. In the afternoon, Lualeni spent some time herding Barsilinga and nobody understood her intention or what she was communicating to Barsilinga. In the evening, Olare's group, Murka, Kitirua, Ishanga and Naisula came to the stockade to visit Suguta as the word was out amidst the ex orphans about her plight but Suguta and the juniors had not arrived back at the Stockade from their afternoon browsing.

06 June 2015

Olare, Kitirua, Naisula, Ishanga and Murka were at the stockade promptly in the morning to check on Suguta. Orwa, who enjoys playing with his seniors, engaged Naisula in a strength testing exercise as Vuria played with Murka. Suguta was looking well today despite her operation and followed the juniors for browsing. Instinctively she knows that she needs to remain with the dependent babies having her milk, and becoming a baby again while she heals. Bongo climbed on a rock and plucked some sweet leaves from a tree growing on top of the rock. Narok, Kithaka and Mutara converged on Suguta who was soil dusting and offered comfort by touching her with their trunks ever so tenderly. Later they walked down into a small valley and settled to browse. Orwa spent some time entwining his trunk with Narok while Barsilinga found a suitable fallen tree that he used to scratch his itching neck. Suguta was feeding well and was constantly checked on by the Keepers as we are extremely worried about whether something is lodged in her lungs. Judging by her actions she seems remarkably well. Shukuru, who seemed off colour last month is regaining her strength and seemed happy and active. At mudbath time, the weather was chilly as the juniors were joined by Madiba, Tomboi and Rapsu. Madiba mindful of his patient Suguta, that he was curious to catch up with. Laragai was courageous enough to walk to the ex-orphans and sniff at them and Tomboi responded by sniffing at Laragai. The orphans converged at the edge of the mudbath as Madiba and Tomboi got into the water for wallowing. Narok was tempted into going into the water after seeing Madiba and Tomboi really enjoying themselves. Once she was in the water, it appeared that the water was cold because instead of diving in, she started beating the water with her trunk. Orwa played a pushing game with Mutara while Teleki played with Vuria. Later, Orwa stood close to Tomboi and started sniffing at him. On the way back to the browsing field, Bongo engaged Narok in a pushing game that saw Narok surrender to Bongo. In the afternoon, Garzi spent some time browsing close to Suguta and the rest of the evening was calm as the orphans concentrated on browsing.

07 June 2015

The sky was clear as the orphans left the stockade. The orphans, led by Mutara, settled to browse a few metres from their night stockades as we waited for the X-ray machine to examine Suguta. Bongo and Vuria opened up the field activities by engaging in a play pushing game that didn't last for long as they needed to browse before the sun got hot. While on his browsing mission, Kithaka came across a long tree stump that was perfect for scratching between his forelegs. Shukuru browsed close to Bomani and from time to time communicated with Bomani through touch. Orwa who is fond of playing with his big friends in order to gauge his strength, took some time to play with Mutara. Mutara proved to be too strong for him and so he surrendered and went to play with Turkwel instead. Their game saw Bongo run towards his play mate Vuria and they started a pushing game that ended when Sities passed by and pushed the two boys away. Later in the day, Teleki, Garzi, Sities and Vuria walked to where Suguta was relaxing and threw sticks up into the air. Their mission was to find out how Suguta was feeling. They surrounded Suguta and touched her near the wound as Suguta responded by directing her trunk to the juniors. After some time, the juniors dispersed and resumed to browse. When the X-Ray machine arrived for Suguta, Tomboi and Madiba reported at the stockade water trough where they relaxed until the vet was through with Suguta. Madiba and Loijuk were the ones that delivered Suguta to the stockade for treatment a few days ago. As Madiba waited he put his front legs into the water trough and started splashing the water with his trunk. Thankfully the X-Ray did not show up any foreign body in the wound such as an arrow head which was the vet's main concern. In the afternoon, Yatta and her group joined the juniors briefly and Wendi sniffed at Kithaka briefly before following her friends. The evening was quiet as the orphans concentrated on browsing. Yatta and her group of ex orphans reported at the stockade shortly before the orphans returned back for the night. There was drama when the ex-orphans lined up at the lower gate blocking the juniors from getting in and trying to sneak into the stockade. The keepers managed to clear them from the gate, allowing the juniors to enter the stockade for the night. Sidai and Wendi protested by pacing up and down, but finally they gave up and walked away.

08 June 2015

Olare's group consisting of Naisula, Murka, Kitirua, Ishanga and Olare arrived at the stockade early before dawn and camped outside Mutara's stockade. Yatta's group, consisting of Yatta, Yetu, Kinna, Nasalot, Sidai, Lenana, Ithumba, Naserian, Wendi, Chyulu, Galana, Madiba, Buchuma Taita, Half trunk and other wild bulls joined Olare's group outside the stockade just before the juniors were let out. When leaving the stockades dependent orphan Orwa engaged Kitirua in a strength testing exercise but finally surrendered after sensing defeat. Orwa then walked down to follow his friends as Lenana and Sidai tried to find out from Kithaka, Barsilinga and Lemoyian how their night had been. Olare and her group left after checking on Suguta and found that her condition was improving. The orphans settled at Kone area as Yatta and her group headed towards the mudbath. Mutara browsed close to Turkwel, Suguta browsed with Shukuru as Teleki paired with Vuria. Orwa shared feeding with Bomani as Lemoyian browsed with Barsilinga. Kanjoro who is bit of a loner was browsing far away from the rest which is not unusual for him. At mudbath time the juniors were joined by Lualeni, Ololoo and Kenze. Lualeni who dissolved her group awhile ago, now appears to be forming another one. Her intentions when visiting the juniors is to find out whether there are any suitable candidates to recruit in her group. Being so clever and knowing that she is known for her habit of snatching babies, Lualeni pretended not to be concerned in anything happening. She went in the water for wallowing where she was joined by Ololoo, Kenze and Laragai. Bomani and Vuria spent some time in soil dusting as Kithaka led the way back to the browsing field. Lualeni followed the orphans at a distance up to Kanziku area where they settled to browse. Lualeni kept her distance to avoid suspicion from the keepers and when the orphans returned back to the stockade, Lualeni followed them and spent some time at the stockade compound with Ololoo and Kenze before disappearing.

09 June 2015

Lualeni, who appears to have hijacked Olare's group, was at the stockade compound early before dawn with Kenze, Ololoo, Olare, Naisula, Murka, Kitirua and Ishanga. Soon after the gates opened, Lualeni headed straight into the stockade to check if there were any leftovers. Kithaka had an itching belly and used his leg to kick the itching part. Outside the stockade compound, Orwa played with Ololoo while Shukuru communicated to Barsilinga by inserting her trunk into Barsilinga's mouth. At the browsing field Naisula settled to browse with Vuria and Garzi. The two boys were happy to be close to Naisula as they were sure that at the end they will learn some new things from her. At mudbath time, Yatta's and Mulika's groups, in the company of Half trunk and five other wild elephants arrived earlier than the orphans but Kora, Kamboyo and Ithumbah were missing. Soon when the juniors arrived, they were welcomed by Lenana and Sidai. One of the wild bulls was nervous and kept on charging, directing his anger to anything in sight. Teleki, Narok and Bongo joined some ex-orphans in wallowing while Kithaka, Barsilinga and Lemoyian went straight to the water trough were they squeezed themselves in the midst of the ex-orphans to get water. After drinking, Kithaka was escorted away by Chyulu. After mudbath, Teleki interacted with Nasalot before leaving to play with Yetu. Orok and Sunyei enjoyed a soil dusting session as Wendi joined a bull in drinking water. There was drama when Teleki decided to stick with the ex-orphans and the wild elephants. The keepers tried to call Teleki but their calls fell on deaf ears. Teleki kept on walking a head of the ex-orphans and at one time got amidst the wild elephants making it impossible for the keepers to get to him but at last they managed to retrieve him and he rejoined the juniors. In the evening, before the orphans returned to the stockade, Mulika's, Yatta's and Lualeni's groups showed up at the stockade. As the orphans arrived, Chyulu and Loijuk tried to block Lemoyian with their trunks. Lemoyian complained bitterly making Loijuk and Chyulu escort him up to the entrance. The ex-orphans were in the company of five wild bulls and the boys had endless strength testing exercises at the stockade compound. Ololoo played with Meibai and later played with Taita, Napasha played with Challa as Buchuma played with Tomboi. Later, Taita mounted on Lenana as Orok tried to chase away a warthog that was coming to drink water. The warthog left Disappointed but returned when the ex-orphans disappeared into the bush.

10 June 2015

Today was a day without many activities. After leaving the stockade, Kanjoro led the way to the browsing field. Teleki and Vuria had a funny strength testing exercise that they did while lying on the ground. When they stood up, they both had a soil dusting session before resuming to browse. Barsilinga and Kithaka competed amongst themselves over who can walk on rocks. With no rocky outcrops in Nairobi National Park rock climbing is a novelty for the new Nursery orphans now at Ithumba. By 10am the sun was getting hot and Turkwel could not withstand the heat and decided to browse under a tree with good shade. At mudbath time, there was drama when Sities took her milk then headed to the bush where she hid herself and returned back to join the last group that had not taken milk. In order to outwit the keepers, Sities didn't lead the group but fixed herself at number three as the last group ran in single file towards the milk. With this cunning tactic Sities nearly succeeded in getting the extra milk but the keeper who had fed Sities spotted her as another keeper raised a bottle ready to feed her. When Sities plans of getting an extra bottle back fired, she walked in a slow measured walk with her trunk in the mouth wondering how on earth the keepers had managed to detect her. The orphans drank water and were led by Kithaka to the browsing field. The afternoon was quiet but later in the evening, Turkwel played with Teleki while Bomani played with Laragai. Just before dark, Olare, Naisula, Murka, Kitirua, Ishanga, Chaimu and Kilaguni passed at the stockade water trough where they took water before disappearing again.

11 June 2015

Kithaka, Barsilinga and Lemoyian have now settled into the daily routine of their friends. Kithaka settled to scratch his belly on the rock outside the stockade as Vuria and Bongo settled for a morning strength testing exercise. Orwa lay down to play a lone game of rolling on the ground since none of the small boys were willing to play with him. In the browsing field, Garzi browsed close to Shukuru while Shukuru kept on communicating to Garzi through touch. Towards 11am, Yatta's and Mulika's groups in the company Half trunk and nine other wild elephants, were browsing close to the mudbath waiting for juniors. As soon as the juniors arrived, Sidai, Lenana and Chyulu were the first ones to come to the mudbath to say hi to Barsilinga, Kithaka and Lemoyian. Teleki has recently started showing interest in spending time with the ex-orphans and wild elephants and so went straight to join Yatta, Wendi, Challa and a wild bull who were relaxing under a nearby tree. Barsilinga kept on going round sniffing at the ex-orphans. Sidai showed interest in Kithaka while Chyulu was attracted to Lemoyian and she kept guarding him while holding a stick with her trunk. Vuria spent some time talking to Ololoo as they entwined their trunks while Barsilinga walked to where Sidai was standing and started sniffing at her. Wendi said hi to Bomani and Kithaka as she passed them on her way to the unknown. Kenze and Sidai had a light pushing contest as the juniors, led by Kithaka, started leaving the mudwallow. Teleki challenged Meibai in a pushing game but he couldn't withstand Meibai's strength and so he surrendered. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse at the Kanziku area. At one point the temperatures skyrocketed so the juniors converged under a tree waited for the temperatures to go down. From then on the juniors had a quiet time until the evening when Kithaka led the first group back to the stockade.

12 June 2015

It was a quiet morning when the orphans, led by Kanjoro, left the stockade. The juniors didn't bother to pass at the water trough but followed Kanjoro up to the browsing field. Kithaka and Barsilinga started their day by scratching on rocks and against trees. Shukuru started her day by soil dusting and then joined Sities where they had a brief conversation before settling to browse. Towards 10am, Mutara steered the herd to Kone area where there is a dam that is drying up. Since it was so hot, Bongo the water boy led the group into having an early mud bath. During milk time, the weather was chilly and none of the orphans participated in wallowing. The orphans took water and then Kithaka led the way back to the browsing field. The orphans settled to browse at Kanziku area. Lemoyian, who appears to be more close to Barsilinga than Kithaka, browsed close to Barsilinga and later joined Sities in feeding. In the afternoon, the weather was perfect for browsing and so the orphans browsed calmly. In the evening, Madiba and Tomboi passed at the stockade and left soon after taking enough water.

13 June 2015

After leaving the stockade, Shukuru and Orwa went up to a hilly rocky area near the stockade where they settled to feed on green shrubs growing on the hill. Suguta who is still admitted into the stockade and walks with the juniors every day as she is still recovering from arrow wounds, steered the orphans towards Kanziku area where the orphans settled to browse. Shukuru teamed up with Teleki and Mutara for browsing while Lemoyian browsed close to his friend Barsilinga, Shukuru stopped for her normal soil dusting session before resuming to browse. At mudbath time, Narok and Orwa had a light strength testing exercise while Kithaka used a tree stump to scratch his itchy feet and Laragai played a lone game of rolling on the ground. As the orphans were preparing to leave, Mulika's, Yatta's and Lualeni's groups started trickling in. Teleki and Bongo had a strength testing game whilst Chyulu and Lenana went straight to check on Lemoyian. Orwa was totally unbothered by the presence of the ex-orphans as he relaxed under a tree with good shade. Even Half trunk passed close to Orwa but Orwa only raised his trunk to say hi to him and continued to enjoy the cool shade. Wendi sniffed at Kithaka and pushed him aside as she headed to the water trough. Bongo discontinued his game with Teleki to join a wild bull at the water trough before walking away to join his friends. Teleki went to relieve Vuria who was having a pushing game with Ololoo. Upon seeing Teleki, Vuria quit the game to give Teleki the chance to test his strength with Ololoo. Lenana and Chyulu took Lemoyian back to the mudbath, but Lemoyian wasn't interested in wallowing and so they took him back to join his friends. In the afternoon, the orphans returned to the Kanziku area as the ex-orphans in the company of ten wild bulls headed towards Kone. In the evening, Olare's group consisting of Murka, Naisula and Kitirua visited the stockade water trough and left shortly after drinking enough water.

14 June 2015

Narok, Kithaka and Laragai passed at the stockade water trough to drink enough water to take them through the entire morning. Orwa tackled Turkwel in an early morning pushing exercise which Orwa surrendered after Turkwel proved to be stronger than him. Though the sky was clear and the sun hot, only Narok surrounded by Garzi and Laragai participated in wallowing. Kainuk took Lemoyian under a tree where she herded him for some time. Lemoyian felt happy and from time to time kept on scratching his ear against Kainuk in a loving gesture. Shukuru, Bongo, Kanjoro, Turkwel and Suguta walked to the nearby loose soil where they dusted themselves for some time before heading back to the bush. Bongo and Turkwel stood back to back as they did their soil dusting and at one time scratched their buttocks against each other. At the browsing field, Shukuru and Suguta browsed together and from time to time, Suguta threw soil on her wound.

15 June 2015

Soon after leaving the stockade, Bongo invited Orwa in a strength testing exercise but Orwa declined. Bongo tried to force Orwa by pushing him lightly, but Bongo turned the other way and continued to feed as if nothing was happening. Bongo was disappointed and left to search for his playmate Vuria. Kithaka has mastered the art of scratching and squeezed in between low tree branches and started scratching his belly. Three boys, Vuria, Orwa and Bongo teamed up for browsing and later Orwa shifted from the group to join Narok where they had the inevitable light strength testing exercise. Later in the day the temperatures skyrocketed, so Barsilinga and his friend Lemoyian took a break from feeding to participate in some soil dusting in an effort to cool off. At mud bath time, though the sun was hot, only Garzi, Narok, Bongo and Laragai enjoyed wallowing. The rest only stood in the water and watched their four friends have fun. When Bongo quit wallowing, he tried to block Vuria from leaving the water when he realised that Vuria was still dry. Vuria eventually managed to get out. The two boys pushed one another for some time before Vuria surrendered. Back in the browsing field, the sun was still hot and the orphans converged under a tree and waited until the temperatures were more Favourable for browsing. Late in the evening, Yatta's, Mulika's and Lualeni's groups in the company of four wild bulls reported for water. Ithumbah, Kamboyo and Kora remain on their travels and have not been seen for quite some time. Today the rest of Suguta’s group returned having been absent for two months. Given the Suguta situation we immediately went to scrutinize to see If they were any worse for wear. The rest of Suguta’s herd, Melia, Tumaren, Chemi chemi, Kibo, Kalama and Kandecha had been away a long time. Tumaren and Kandecha had wounds that were healing. It appears that they might have had an incident at the same time as Suguta, although their wounds had no arrows so it remains a mystery as to what happened to them.

16 June 2015

Napasha, Chyulu, Tomboi, Buchuma and Madiba were at the stockade compound in the morning. When the gates opened for the juniors, Chyulu went straight into the stockade to say hi to Kithaka, Lemoyian and Barsilinga. Napasha stood at the main gate facing the stockade. Narok was the first one to leave the stockade but to her surprise, Napasha was standing at the gate. Narok did a quick calculation and knew that if she tried to pass, she could well be pushed by this magnificent big ex orphan bull. She approached Napasha with her trunk raised and Napasha responded by raising his own. Narok kept Napasha busy as she tried to put her trunk in Napasha's mouth. The other juniors that were behind Narok got a chance to pass quickly and they headed to the water trough. After drinking water, ex orphan Chyulu led the juniors to the browsing field and then spent time feeding close by and keeping Shukuru company. By 7am the juniors and Suguta were joined by Suguta’s herd Chemi chemi, Kalama, Kandecha, Naisula, Olare, Tumaren, Melia, Kibo, Ishanga, Murka, Kitirua, Kilaguni, Chaimu, Lualeni and Ololoo. Later, Lualeni led the partially independent group to the stockade water trough where Kandecha' and Tumaren's wounds were washed a second time and green clay applied. The keepers tried to take Tumaren and Kandecha to join the juniors once again but they refused. Instinctively they know their wounds are not serious and do not require the attention that Suguta has so willingly complied with. On the way to the mudbath, the juniors were joined by the ex orphans Buchuma, Tomboi, Rapsu and Loijuk. Naisula engaged Teleki in a pushing game while Kalama and Garzi had a strength testing exercise. The sun was hot and Garzi, Narok, Loijuk, Ololoo, Rapsu, Tomboi, Lualeni, Suguta, Buchuma and Kandecha had a great time wallowing. Kilaguni considers himself a grown up and always keeps company these day with the big boys Tomboi and Rapsu. After mudbath, Kithaka joined Naisula and Kalama hiding under a tree due to high temperatures. Tomboi headed for red soil dusting as Loijuk and Rapsu headed in an opposite direction for the same exercise. Olare took Lemoyian and Barsilinga to a fallen tree where they started scratching their bellies in turns. The juniors were escorted back to the stockade by their seniors. After two hours of feeding together at Kanziku area, Lualeni led the seniors away. The keepers tried to convince the partially independent group to stay with the juniors but they didn't listen and followed Lualeni instead. In the evening on the way back to the stockade, the juniors met with Yatta's group. Chyulu joined the juniors and escorted Kithaka, Lemoyian and Barsilinga back to the stockade. She along with Sidai and Lenana is paying special attention to the lucky little newcomers who are basking in it.

17 June 2015

Vuria and Garzi left the stockade with branches in their mouths which they finally dropped once they arrived at the browsing field. Kainuk paired with Orwa while Narok, Bongo and Garzi fed together. Sities scratched her belly on a rock she came across while feeding. At mud bath time, a junior wild bull came to the water trough. Barsilinga and Narok were brave enough to join the bull in drinking water. For Barsilinga who was orphaned as an infant these encounters are significant, as he has not been exposed before coming to Ithumba to big and wild elephants. Instinct has kicked in as he appears to be totally unperturbed and enjoying every minute of these encounters. Only Laragai and Bongo participated in mudbathing. Our water baby Bongo can never resist. Bongo and Laragai headed for soil dusting after their mudbath as Barsilinga walked to relax under a tree that with good shade having left the wild visitor. Back in the browsing field, the sun was hot and Suguta, Lemoyian and Teleki decided to relax under a tree waiting for the temperatures to drop before continuing to feed. The rest of afternoon was quiet but in the evening, Olare, Naisula, Kitirua, Ishanga, Tumaren, Melia, Kandecha, Kibo, Chemi chemi, Murka and Kalama came for water at the stockade to check on their best friend Suguta. Tumaren and Kandecha's wounds were washed and clay applied. Yatta's and Mulika's groups reported later just as the light was fading and they were in the company of two wild elephants.

18 June 2015

At the 11am milk time, the weather was chilly and only Bongo, Narok and Laragai decided to have a mudwallow. Kainuk appears to have a liking for Lemoyian and walked over to where Lemoyian was standing and placed her trunk on him lovingly. Laragai headed for the soil to dust herself after her mudbath wallowing while Barsilinga and Kithaka had a strength testing exercise that saw Barsilinga emerge victorious. Lemoyian left lady Kainuk and went to get some pushing lessons from Bomani. Bomani then turned on Kithaka who was standing close by and had a pushing game with him. In the afternoon, the temperatures were cool, so cool that the orphans were able to feed without flapping their ears at all. Sities browsed close to Mutara as Kithaka took some time off from feeding to enjoy a soil dusting session. Garzi browsed close to Bomani and from time to time Bomani inserted his trunk in Garzi's mouth and later placed his trunk on Garzi's back. Late in the evening, Olare who seems to have taken over the leadership of Suguta's group while she is recovering reported at the stockade with Melia, Tumaren, Kandecha, Kibo, Chemi chemi, Chaimu, Kilaguni, Kalama and Ishanga. Kandecha and Tumaren wounds were cleaned again before the partially independent group left having satisfied themselves that Suguta was doing well, and their own wounds were taken care of.

19 June 2015

It was a lovely morning as the orphans were joined by Murka, Naisula, Kitirua, Napasha, Challa and two junior wild bulls soon after leaving the stockade. Turkwel had a nice time playing with Murka as Sities and her friend Garzi stood under the only remaining acacia tree at the stockade compound. Shortly after the orphans left for browsing, ten wild elephants passed near the stockade compound on the way to Kalovoto. Only four out of the ten wild elephants came to drink water at the stockade water trough. In the browsing field, Orwa engaged Kainuk in a pushing game and as usual Orwa bowed out of the game. Orwa walked over to Naisula and tried to get some new pushing tactics from her by engaging Naisula in a strength testing exercise. Bongo and his playmate Vuria met in a shrub that had attracted them due to its nice leaves. It's only then the two boys realized that they had not greeted each other since morning. Their greetings always consist of pushing and shoving. The two boys went into a tussle that lasted for some time. At the end, their game ended into a draw with neither getting the better of the other. At mudbath, Kithaka, Lemoyian and Barsilinga had a private session under an acacia tree to review how life has been to them ever since they relocated to Ithumba. Later, they parted ways with Kithaka heading to join their other friends while Barsilinga headed to another tree to lean against. Orwa stood close to Mutara where he communicated to her through touch. The weather was chilly and only Bongo, Narok, Laragai and Kanjoro participated in wallowing. Later, Teleki picked a piece of stick that he used to scratch his chest. In the afternoon, Lemoyian spent most of the time feeding close Barsilinga. Towards evening, Orwa, Sities, Barsilinga, Bongo and Kainuk took a break from feeding and spent a good long time soil bathing.

20 June 2015

Kibo, Kandecha, Tumaren, Olare, Chemi chemi and Kalama arrived at the stockade before dawn and slept outside lieing down while they waited for their dependent friends and treasured Suguta to be let out for the day. When the juniors were let out Suguta led the way, joined by the semi dependent Group who by now had woken up themselves and they all headed to the browsing field. It was a morning without much activity as the orphans concentrated only on feeding. At 11am, the sun was hot and Laragai, Bongo, Garzi, Kanjoro, and Suguta participated in wallowing. Suguta has made a brilliant recovery with her wounds healed completely almost. She is enjoying being a dependent baby once more and comes back to the stockades and places herself inside of her own free will. She will determine when she wants to fly the nest again. Today Mutara walked up to the water trough and put her front legs in to play with the water. Kainuk took her Lemoyian and went to relax under a tree. Kainuk was picking grass with her trunk then putting it in her mouth and Lemoyian would stretch his trunk and take a few grasses from Kainuk's mouth. Bomani tried to block Kibo as he headed to the water but he wished he had not done so after he was forcefully knocked out of the way. Kibo who came to us as a tiny infant packs quite a punch now, as he is fast growing into a fine young bull. As Lemoyian was heading to the bush, Kithaka crossed his way and tried to bully him. Lemoyian complained loudly and this drew the attention of Kainuk. Kainuk came running to find out what was the problem. Kainuk and intervened taking Lemoyian with her providing him with the protection he needed to keep Kithaka at bay. The orphans settled to browse at Kanziku area. Sities browsed close to Mutara, as Shukuru spend some time soil dusting. An hour later, the partially independent group (Suguta’s group) parted ways with the juniors and went further afield.

21 June 2015

It was a bright morning, when the orphans strolled nonchalantly out from the stockade. After taking water from the stockade water trough, Kanjoro led the way to the browsing field where Orwa engaged Kainuk in a pushing game and Teleki played with Narok. Orwa teamed up with Barsilinga and Kithaka for browsing but Lemoyian preferred to browse with his new found friend Kainuk. At 11am, Kithaka led the first group to the mudbath, as he fast becomes completely familiar with all the Ithumba places and routines. After the orphans took their milk, Garzi headed straight to the mudbath where he found a warthog wallowing. With ears raised, Garzi charged at the warthog and to his surprise the warthog didn't move but instead continued to roll in the mud. It was only when the warthog saw the keepers approaching that he eventually vacated his wallow. Kainuk, Lemoyian and Barsilinga relaxed under a tree as Bongo, Narok, Laragai and Sities enjoyed cooling off in the water, rolling around, splashing and submerging themselves altogether. The veils of butterflies filled the air as the Keepers watched on at this beautiful sight. Kanjoro, Narok, Laragai and Turkwel played with the red soil before Mutara led the group back to the browsing field. In the afternoon, Vuria and Kithaka had some difference that they opted to settle through pushing, but Kanjoro intervened and pushed the two away. Bomani browsed close to Garzi while Lemoyian browsed close to Barsilinga in the afternoon. In the evening, Yatta' and Mulika's ex orphans groups reported at the stockade compound in the company of four wild bulls with one in musth. What was surprising is that the bull in musth was after Kinna. Kinna was chased for the first time by a wild bull in February 2013 and signs of pregnancy started showing up in the beginning of 2014, We have been convinced she is pregnant all this time and we have been waiting for Kinna to give us a baby for two years and four months but to no avail and now she is being chased again by a wild bull. If Kinna is in season, then she might have had a miscarriage. We will keep watch as this drama unfolds as it has confused us all!

22 June 2015

Madiba visited the stockade in the morning and soon after the juniors were out, Narok who appears to be the one allocated the duties of welcoming the outsiders. She went to Madiba and had a little chat as they entwined their trunks. Sities, Laragai and Vuria passed at the water trough, where they drank enough water to last the morning before following their friends who had left for browsing. At 7:30am, the drama of Kinna and the wild bulls continued when Kinna came to the stockade escorted by four wild bulls and the ex-orphans. The dominant male kept close to Kinna and the other wild bulls obviously feared him because whenever he turned, the bulls would run away. In the browsing field, Kainuk engaged Orwa in a strength testing exercise that saw Orwa surrender and run away. Chyulu joined the juniors in the browsing field and headed straight to babysit Lemoyian. Kainuk wasn't happy about this because she had assigned herself the role of mothering Lemoyian, so between the maternal females we are seeing quite abit of jealousy. She had no option but to let Chyulu takeover however because she is older and therefore in elephant society the younger orphans defer to the older orphans, or get disciplined! At mudbath time, Half trunk and Rapsu were taking water at the mud bath water trough where they were joined by the juniors. Half trunk and Rapsu then walked down to the dam for a mudbath. Sities played with Orwa while Kithaka tried to test Laragai because of her size, thinking that he would win over her. The no nonsense tough Laragai responded like a disturbed wasp and attacked Kithaka ruthlessly until Kithaka screamed as he ran for his life, wishing he had not started the interaction. Today lovely Orwa had a good time playing with Turkwel. In the afternoon, Chyulu was busy taking care of Lemoyian with Kainuk looking on jealously. Vuria played with Bongo and Suguta spent some time soil dusting alone. In the evening Chyulu escorted Lemoyian back to the stockade but went mad when she was barred entry herself. She staged a protest outside the stockade by throwing dust in the air and lying down until she eventually got tired and left to join her ex orphan friends.

23 June 2015

It appears that the honeymoon for Kinna and the bulls was over. Early before the orphans were let out, the ex-orphans were standing outside the stockade without the wild bulls. When the gates opened, Chyulu was the first one to rush into the stockade to find out how Lemoyian slept that night. The other former orphans that entered the stockade were only interested in finding out how many branches they could scrounge. Nasalot, one of big ex orphan females had gone into the stockade, picked a few leftovers branches and left to feed on them outside the stockade. It's interesting to note that Nasalot was one time a lover of babies but she has changed and shows little interest now which is intriguing. Sidai, who in the beginning was competing to have the three new babies appears have given up the chase after being barred entry into the stockade. Sidai was in the stockade compound, had to just watch as Chyulu intermingled with the new babies. Sities and Bongo joined Galana in drinking water at the stockade water trough as Ololoo harassed Narok by mounting on her. Once the orphans were in the browsing field, Shukuru browsed close to Barsilinga who then had a strength testing exercise with Kithaka that saw Kithaka lose to Barsilinga. At mudbath time, the juniors were joined by big ex orphan bulls Rapsu and Madiba and parted ways soon after. Lemoyian tried testing his strength with Bomani but Bomani was too strong for him and so surrendered pretty abruptly. Kanjoro played a pushing game with Teleki as Garzi and Bomani participated in soil dusting.

24 June 2015

It was a day without much action in the morning as the orphans started the day by passing the water trough where they armed themselves with enough water before heading for browsing. In the browsing field, Bongo got a free ride from Vuria as Kithaka spent some time scratching against trees. The other orphans browsed calmly until mudbath time when Rapsu joined them. Kithaka walked to Rapsu and greeted him by stretching his trunk so as to recognize his presence. Rapsu responded by stretching his trunk and sniffed at Kithaka. Rapsu then escorted the juniors to the mudbath where he joined Teleki, Laragai, Garzi,Suguta, Narok, Bongo, Kanjoro and Sities in having a spectacular wallow. Afterwards, Garzi and Bomani had a light strength testing game that saw Garzi lose. Rapsu led the juniors back to the browsing field and due to high temperature, he spent some time relaxing under a tree watching over the little chaps. In the evening, Rapsu parted ways with the juniors and disappeared into the bush.

25 June 2015

The orphans left the stockade in a jovial mood. Orwa started his day by engaging Turkwel in a pushing game. He then quit playing with Turkwel and headed to play with Kanjoro. Their game ended in a draw. Bongo and Vuria had a warm up exercise of strength testing. Suguta, who is recovering well, came across a four ft tree stump that she used to scratch her belly which due to the healing is itching. Later, Bongo and Vuria spent more time in a strength testing exercise. At mudbath time, Turkwel, Lemoyian and Barsilinga led the soil dusting as Suguta, Shukuru, Garzi, Bongo, Kanjoro, Narok and Sities had an enthusiastic wallowing session. Orwa only bathes seldom, so stood under one of the acacia trees relaxing as he waited for his friends to finish. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse at the Kanziku area. Though the sun was hot, the orphans concentrated only on browsing as they continuously flapped their ears. It was quiet and the vegetation is drying out so the orphans couldn't afford to waste time in engaging in other activities as doing so would make them return back to the stockade without putting enough into their stomachs.

26 June 2015

Buchuma and Tomboi were taking water at the stockade water trough early in the morning when the little juniors exited their night stockades. Narok has assigned herself the role of welcoming the seniors so she immediately went up to them. On arrival, Narok extended her trunk to sniff at Buchuma and Buchuma responded by rumbling in a low tone. After Narok identified Tomboi and Buchuma, she was satisfied and so she moved on content that the niceties had been taken care of. Narok met with Bongo and for a short time had a strength testing game that was disrupted by Kanjoro when he went between them separating things. Before the orphans left the stockade compound, Mulika's and Yatta's groups arrived and Chyulu headed straight to check on her Lemoyian. Kainuk, who keeps watch over Lemoyian when Chyulu is away, resorted to following Chyulu and Lemoyian at a distance. Orwa loves challenging his seniors had so engaged in a strength testing exercise with Orok, then Meibai before going to Kanjoro, his age mate. This was after Orwa was unable to score any points when he challenged Orok and Meibai. While out in the bush feeding Chyulu stayed close to her favorite Lemoyian for two hours, before parting ways finally giving Kainuk the freedom of staying close to Lemoyian. At 9am Chaimu, Kilaguni and Ishanga showed up at the stockade and took water before disappearing the same way they had appeared. Ishanga appears to have no permanent group and is like a traveller who hops into a bus that is going in any direction, provided it has passengers travelling with it. She changes groups like one changes clothes. At mudbath time, the sun was hot but only Narok, Laragai and Bongo the water boy enjoyed wallowing. After mudbathing, Bongo and Laragai had a nice game of rolling on the ground in a new version of soil dusting. Vuria and Kithaka spent some time in light strength testing games and Garzi tried to threaten Barsilinga by raising his ears but backed off when he found that Barsilinga could not be intimidated by mere threats. In the afternoon, the temperatures were still high and led by Suguta, the orphans converged under a tree that had good shade. Later, the temperature dropped and the orphans resumed browsing. In the evening, Bongo and Vuria winded up the day's activities by engaging in a strength testing exercise that ended prematurely after Mutara who was feeding a few metres away, intervened and pushed the two boys away.

27 June 2015

The ex orphans arrived at the stockade compound early before dawn and lay down to sleep. It was a wonderful sight with all these huge heaps on the ground totally comfortable and relaxed knowing full well they are totally safe here. In the morning, the partially independent group arrived too and checked on their friend Suguta who is still spending her nights in the stockade, but recovering well. The partially independent group consisted of Kalama, Naisula, Kibo, Kitirua, Tumaren, Kandecha, Olare, Chemi chemi, Melia and Murka. Both the ex orphans and the partially independent orphan group joined the juniors today. Chyulu browsed close to her favourite Lemoyian while Teleki browsed with Wendi. An hour later, the ex orphans parted ways with the juniors. After Kithaka, Barsilinga and Lemoyian took their milk, Lemoyian headed towards the water hole where he encountered two warthogs. Lemoyian with his ears raised charged and single handedly managed to chase the warthogs away. Barsilinga who has never shown an interest in wallowing, stood under an acacia tree that he likes so much. He was joined by Lemoyian and later Kainuk. Big boy Rapsu checked in at mudbath and headed straight for wallowing. Rapsu's action attracted Garzi, Bongo, Shukuru, Teleki, Kanjoro and Laragai. Laragai went to the opposite side where she had her privacy and wallowed without any disturbance. Mutara waited until everyone left the mudbath. She considers herself as a grown up and she didn't want to share a bath with kids and a grown up boy who in this case happened to be Rapsu. Kainuk and Orwa had a light pushing game that ended when they saw Rapsu approaching. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse at the upper Kalovoto area where they scattered each trying to get enough food before sunset.

28 June 2015

Yatta’s, Mulika’s and Lualeni’s groups reported at the stockade early in the morning. When the orphans left the stockade, Chyulu was quick to welcome Lemoyian and escort him to the browsing field. Narok challenged Yetu in a strength testing exercise and later Orwa joined Narok in fighting Yetu. When Yetu was unable to deal with the two orphans, she opted to withdraw from the game to avoid being ashamed. Teleki engaged Makena in a strength testing game that saw Makena emerge victorious due to her experience and because she is stronger than Teleki. The former orphans remained at the stockade compound as the orphans headed for browsing. Napasha, Buchuma and Challa had a game of pushing one another in turns. An hour after the ex-orphans disappeared, the partially independent group led by olare came for water at the stockade water trough. In the browsing field, the boys spent some more time playing strength testing games. Bomani played with Lemoyian, Bongo with Vuria while Orwa played with Kanjoro. Lemoyian appears to be in high demand and selling like hot cakes amongst a group of ex-orphans girls, and so drove them crazy when they all met at mud bath. Sidai, Chyulu and Lenana were competing of who amongst themselves would win his attention. It was like a merry go round; whenever one of the girls stepped away from Lemoyian, another girl would step in immediately. Only time will tell who amongst the three girls would be the ultimate winner. Lemoyian walked down to the water hole where he stood at the edge watching those who were wallowing. As Lemoyian was relaxing at the edge of the mud bath, Yetu emerged from nowhere and decided to teach Lemoyian a lesson and pushed Lemoyian into the water and then walked away. Lemoyian, Kithaka and Barsilinga always try to avoid mud bathing, but in this instance Lemoyian had no choice but to wallow because he was pushed into water. Lemoyian didn't wallow for long however, but the fact remains that he had tested the water after a long time without taking a bath. Kudos goes to Yetu for making Lemoyian take a bath! Bongo and Laragai were the last to leave the mud bath whilst Narok had a brief conversation with Nasalot using her trunk. Narok is always the one to communicate first with the ex-orphans. After mudbath, the ex-orphans in the company of five bulls parted ways with the junior herd. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse at Kanziku area. The temperatures were moderate with a nice cool breeze so the orphans browsed calmly after a long morning of fun and antics.

29 June 2015

As the gates opened for the juniors, the ex-orphans emerged from the southern side of the stockade and met with the juniors at the stockade compound. Bongo opened up his day’s activities by engaging Vuria in a strength testing exercise. As Mutara led the way, Chyulu escorted Lemoyian to the browsing field and Lemoyian spend some time soil dusting under the watchful eye of Chyulu. The rest of the ex-orphans remained at the stockade compound. Makena engaged meibai in a pushing game as Napasha played with Nasalot. Wendi tested her strength with Buchuma and later Buchuma surrendered. Moments later, four wild dogs emerged from the nearby bushes coming to drink water. Sunyei spotted the dogs and walked to meet them so as to bar them from the water trough. The wild dogs defied Sunyei's threats and continued approaching the trough. Loijuk was watching the drama from a distance and she couldn't fathom why the wild dogs were defying Sunyei. With her ears raised and all set to teach the wild dogs a lesson, loijuk trumpeted and went for the dogs at a full speed. Lualeni joined in to support her friend and when the wild dogs looked at the speed at which loijuk was approaching the poor dogs abandoned their mission and ran for their dear life. At mud bath time, the weather was chilly and only Bongo and Laragai managed to have a mud bath. Lemoyian and Kithaka had a misunderstanding and opted to settle it through pushing one another. In the afternoon Olare and her group checked in at the stockade and left shortly later after taking enough water.

30 June 2015

Zurura was at the stockade compound when the orphans were let out. It was a chilly morning and moments after the orphans entered the browsing field, it started drizzling. The weather was perfect for browsing and Zurura browsed with Barsilinga and Sities as Kithaka browsed with Shukuru. When the drizzling stopped, Kanjoro, Lemoyian, Kainuk and Barsilinga played with the cool soil. Yatta’s group joined the orphans briefly at Kanziku area where Chyulu went straight to "her" baby Lemoyian. It appears that Chyulu is determined to win the competition of having Lemoyian for herself. She browsed close to Lemoyian up until mud bath time when she escorted the group to the mud bath. At mudbath time, the weather was still chilly and only Bongo the water boy participated in wallowing. Chyulu and Lemoyian stood together and Lemoyian scratched his ear against Chyulu. Kainuk stood close to them hoping that Chyulu would go and leave Lemoyian for her. Chyulu didn't leave but remained with Lemoyian up to 5pm when she escorted Lemoyian back to the stockade. Chyulu wanted to enter the stockade with Lemoyian but she was not permitted. She protested bitterly but left when she got tired of pacing up and down.