Faru Team Burra Update: 01 August 2009

Faru Team Burra Update: 01 August 2009


Henry Lekochere Peter Wambua John Malonza Samuel Masaku Rajab Fundi

Area of operation:

During the month of August the Burra Team patrolled the following areas: Murondo Ranch, Mwatate sisal estate, Sagalla ranch and the Irima area.


FINDINGS During the month of August the team lifted a total of 410 snares, 183 large snares, 168 medium snares and 59 small snares. A Dikdik was rescued from a snare and another two dikdiks were found dead in snares at the Mwatate sisal estate and in the Irima area. The Burra team was able to arrest a poacher at the Mwatate sisal estate. The poacher was in possession of 102 snares and a panga. He was taken to the Voi police station for booking.

Observable evidence:

During the month’s operations the team has noticed an increase in the amount of snaring taking place. This is due to the prolonged drought being experienced in the Tsavo area as well as in the rest of the country which has driven the communities around the park to poaching wild animals in order to sustain themselves.

Murondo Ranch The team received a call from the KWS Dakota section reporting the sighting of a seven month old elephant that had been seen, over the period of a week, wandering on its own. The team mobilized to rescue the orphan which was found feeding on cactus trees in the area, eating prickly pear.

The calf was very weak and malnourished. The young calf was airlifted to Nairobi and taken to the Trust’s nursery unit.

Mwatate Sisal estate Most of the snares recovered during the months patrols were lifted at Mwatate sisal estate with a total of 331 snares being lifted.

The team was able to rescue a dikdik from a snare but unfortunately a second Dikdik was not as lucky and was found dead in the snare that had trapped it.
Some fresh footprints were seen along a snare line which led us to a poacher who was in possession of 102 snares and a panga. We were able to apprehend the poacher who was taken to Voi police station for booking.

Sagalla ranch 20 snares, targeting medium sized game, were lifted during our patrols on Sagalla ranch. Illegal charcoal burning is a prevalent ongoing problem in the ranch and is a serious threat to the vegetation which is also being damaged by the trucks and lorries coming in to transport the charcoal out for sale.

Irima area We covered the Irima area from the fence line to the railway line and were able to lift 59 snares all of which targeted small game.

Thankfully none of the snares found were lifted from inside the park boundary. The area is visited by numerous people making it difficult to ascertain who is the poacher setting the snares. A dead rotten Dikdik was found in a snare.

Aruba and Ndara windmills The team in conjunction with employees from Bob Harries Engineering worked tirelessly for a week in order to repair the Aruba and Ndara windmill pumps. Both windmills are now working and pumping out water into troughs. The water is desperately needed during this extended drought period.

The wildlife in the area are now able to come and drink water without the fear of becoming stuck in the mud of the silted Aruba Dam, which is the only other water source in the area during the dry season.