Faru Team Burra Update: 01 February 2007

Faru Team Burra Update: 01 February 2007


Mathew Kiura – team leader Samuel Odero Peter Wambua John Malonza Peter Ndungu Samuel Masaku 2 KWS Rangers

Area of operation:

During the month of February, the Burra team covered the following areas: Kajire, Ndii, Irima, Ngutuni, Ndara ranch and Sagala ranch, Mbulia group ranches, parts of Tsavo West National park that are adjacent to the Mbulia group ranches, the Voi area and Lulenyi ranch.



A total of 104 snares were lifted, 96 of which targeted small game such as Dikdiks and Duikers and 8 targeting medium sized game.

A lesser Kudu was rescued from a snare at Kajire. No animals were found dead in snares, and no arrests were made. The team observed an increase in the destruction of vegetation through charcoal burning and illegal logging in the areas that it patrolled.

Observable evidence.

The number of snares lifted during our de-snaring operations was small in comparison to past months. However the team did come across several fresh snares which are an indication that the rural community has not given up their snaring practices.

Illegal logging and charcoal burning continue to be a serious threat to the natural habitats which area home to many wildlife species.

Kajire The Kajire area is predominantly a communal land with open access. Charcoal burning and illegal logging is rampant resulting in a decline in the natural vegetation in the area.

The Burra de-snaring team was able to rescue a lesser kudu that had become snared.
There has been a general decline in poaching due to the frequent patrols conducted by the team. The rural people have now turned to illegal logging and charcoal burning.

Ngutuni Poaching in the Ngutuni area has declined due to our frequent patrols and our continued community work and initiatives.

Ndii / Irima Illegal logging in the park at the Ndii and Irima areas was observed. The main indicators of this vice were piles of wood found both inside and outside of the park. The wood is sold to transit vehicles whose destination is either Nairobi or Mombasa. The number of snares lifted in this area was 4 all of which targeted small game.

Ndara and Sagala ranches The Ndara and Sagala ranches are also on communal land with open access. The team lifted 17 snares from this area which is an indication that poaching is still being practiced.

However the number of snares recovered was less than in previous months, which means that even though poaching is still taking place it is also on a decline.
Illegal logging and charcoal burning is rampant in this area and is a threat to the survival of many species of wildlife.

Mbulia group ranch and parts of Tsavo West National Park Most of the snares lifted during this month came from these areas and targeted both small and medium sized game.

The perpetrators have been found to be practicing shifting poaching. We are however working very had to catch and arrest the culprits.

Voi area The number of snares found in this area was relatively low following an increase in our de-snaring activities and our frequent patrols.

Report by Mathew Kiura