Faru Team Burra Update: 01 January 2010

Faru Team Burra Update: 01 January 2010


Henry Lekochere – Team Leader John Malonza Samuel Masaku Rajab Fundi

Areas Covered

During the month of January the Burra Team patrolled the following areas: Sagalla Ranch, Mbulia Ranch, Ndii area and Ngutuni Ranch.


A total of 220 snares were lifted in all areas patrolled. Most snares collected targeted small game. One Dikdik was rescued from a snare at Ndii area and released back into the wild. One snared Dikdik carcass was found at Mbulia Ranch. The Team found a poachers’ hideout at Sagalla Ranch. The Team attempted to ambush the poacher to no avail, the hideout was destroyed.

Observable Evidence

During the months patrols there has been a slight decrease in poaching activity occurring. The most likely reason is due to the arrival of the rains and hence most Community members are busy ending to their farms. The rains have however not come in the amounts predicted and towards the end of the month dry conditions have again taken hold and hence this is likely to only be a temporary pattern.

Sagalla Ranch

Out of all areas patrolled during January this area had the highest levels of poaching activity. A total of 112 snares were lifted, most of which targeted small game such as Dikdik.

The Team came across a fresh poachers’ hideout. An attempt was made to ambush the poacher but after a day on the poacher not returning to his hideout it was clear he had fled. The hideout was destroyed to prevent the perpetrator from carrying on illegal activities with ease.
Illegal charcoal burning is common on this Ranch. Most of the Charcoal is manufactured for Commercial sale and hence this is unsustainable and a potential threat to the areas trees.

Mbulia Ranch

A total of 15 snares targeting medium game were lifted. This number shows a marked decrease in poaching activity however with dry conditions now continuing this is only a short break from the drought and the Team fears further increases unless rains continue to come. The remains of a poached Dikdik were found during patrols.

Ndii Area & Ngutuni Ranch

A total of 74 snares were lifted between the railway line and the Park fence boundary.

During patrols the team heard a screaming Dikdik from a nearby bush and rushed to assist, the Dikdik was an adult female that had a snare round her neck. She was struggling to get free and was close to suffocating by the time the Team members found her. The snare was removed and the Dikdik released. This was a timely rescue as the Dikdik was sadly very close to dying and screamed at the right moment for the team members to hear and respond. The Trusts Desnaring Teams have saved many lives that would otherwise die a slow and painful death in this way, the team members get great satisfaction knowing so many lives have been spared and thank the Donors for their continued support.