Faru Team Burra Update: 01 July 2004

Faru Team Burra Update: 01 July 2004


Isaac Maina. Mutua Koti Jacob Dadi. Sammy Odero. Phillip Kipkorir 4 K.W.S Rangers


The patrols started at the local area adjacent to the parks. Irima recorded no new activity though 12 snares were recovered of which 6 came from the park side. Ndii recorded 22 snares during the first visit and 12 on the second visit. During the latter visit, footprints were found which indicated that the poachers were moving in and out of the park at night. Marapu on the eastern side of the park yielded 99 snares and charcoal burning was on the increase once again. This month we patrolled mainly in the ranches. For the majority of the month the team managed to group together with Gazi team and their KWS personnel which enabled us to do more night ambushes as well as larger day time patrols. Through the information of a local informer we laid a successful ambush, which netted the poachers from their night work in Mwatate sisal estate. In a follow up at neighbouring kamtonga village we found Dikdiks in sacks and on drying lines. Five poachers were arrested, 28 Dikdiks and an assortment of hunting weapons which included spotlights, pangas, bicycles and clothing were confiscated.

Mgeno ranch yielded 7 snares. Three charcoal burners and a logger were apprehended and handed to the ranch management. Heaps of charcoal kilns were also found. Mgeno group ranch recorded 99 snares comprising one big snare and 23 bird snares. Charcoal burning was also a notable activity here. Mwatate sisal estate yielded 70 snares of which 36 were big while in Choke ranch 58 snares all big were recovered. At Makatau-kishushe a slaughter den was found in an old cattle boma. Dikdiks skin and legs were found.
Also two poachers were arrested with a donkey ferrying meat to a near by town to be sold. 28 dikdiks a waterbuck bush buck and a hare were among the dead. The two were handed to the authorities, with the help of Kishushe administrating police; also 5 snares were recovered during the dawn patrol. Other areas patrolled were Maungu ranch and kasigau ranch where six snares were recovered. Morning ambushes were unsuccessful since the word of our presence had already spread. A total of 507 snares were recovered, seven game meat poachers arrested, more than fifty dikdiks, a bush buck a water buck and a hare found slaughtered and a slaughtering hide out found. With the hunger being declared a national disaster and with the neighbouring community being affected by drought a challenging task lies ahead. Compiled by Issac Maina