Faru Team Burra Update: 01 May 2008

Faru Team Burra Update: 01 May 2008


Nicodemus Kivindyo – team leader Samuel Odero Peter Wambua John Malonza Rajab Fundi Samuel Masaku 2 KWS Rangers

Area of operation:

During the month of May, the Burra team covered the following areas: Sagala ranch, Ngutuni, the Lion hill area, Ndii, Irima and Salt lick ranch


FINDINGS. During the months operations the team lifted a total of 139 snares.

Twenty two of the snares targeted large game, with the majority of the recovered snares, 117, targeting small game.
The team also came across a dead snared Lion Cub at the Ndii area. The carcasses of an Impala and a Dikdik were found at Ngutuni ranch and the Lion hill area respectively

Observable evidence: This month recorded an increase in the number of snares lifted in all the areas patrolled. This is due to the fact that most of the vegetation in the ranches and the park has dried up which means that the animals have adopted an attitude of selective feeding. The poachers are taking advantage of this by setting snares around dried up waterholes that still have some green vegetation.

These are the areas that the animals prefer for browsing and grazing.

Sagala Ranch The team lifted a total of 58 snares in this area 20 of which targeted large game with 38 targeting small game.

Most of the snares retrieved had been set around dry waterholes and waterholes that held some water. During our patrols it was noticed that charcoal burning and logging are also taking place.

Ngutuni ranch and Lion hill area A total of 42 snares were lifted all of which targeted small game which move from back and from the park into both of these areas.

Two carcasses belonging to an Impala and a Dikdik were also seen during the patrols.

Ndii/Irima areas Thirty eight snares were lifted in these areas two of which targeted large game, with the majority, 36, targeting small game. The team also found a snared lion cub in the Ndii area.

Unfortunately the cub was already dead. It is also believed that individuals involved in logging and charcoal burning in these areas area also practicing snaring.

Lualenyi ranch This ranch has been a hotspot in terms of poaching. However, due to our frequent foot patrols, the level of poaching has been drastically reduced. This can be attested to by the fact that only one snare was retrieved during our patrols in this area. Mining of certain minerals has also started to take place this month in Lualenyi ranch. Community work The team organized one environmental education program which was conducted by the presentation of a film show to Alan Mjomba Secondary School.

We also initiated a wildlife club in the school in an effort to sensitize the school community about the importance of environmental and wildlife conservation.

Report by Nicodemus Kivindyo