Faru Team Burra Update: 01 November 2006

Faru Team Burra Update: 01 November 2006


Mathew Kiura – team leader Boro Gitau Samuel Odero Samuel Msaku Peter Wambua John Malonza 2 KWS Rangers

Area of operation:

During the month of November, the Burra team conducted foot patrols, vehicle patrols and ambushes in the following areas: Ndii/Irima, Ngutuni, Mbulia group ranch, Ndara ranch, Sagala ranch and Amaka ranch.




A total of 121 snares were lifted, 40 of which targeted large and medium sized game such as zebras, buffaloes and gazelles,

with the remaining 81 targeting small game especially Dikdiks. The team arrested one man at Ndara ranch who was in possession of bush meat. We were able to rescue two buffalos that had been caught in snares in the Ndii area.

Observable evidence.

During the months operations we observed several things in different areas. In some areas there has been a decline in snaring, whilst in others it is more prevalent. It has become apparent that there are only a few individuals engaging in snaring, with the problem being compounded by the community which provides a ready market for the bushmeat. The areas in which snaring is taking place at the highest level are Ndii/Irima and Ndara.

Amaka Ranch It was reported to us that lamping is taking place in this area. The Burra team visited the area and tried to find information and evidence of the lamping. The team patrolled the area but no evidence of lamping was observed.

Ngutuni The team patrolled the area on several different occasions and lifted several snares that targeted small game. Looking back over the past months it was noted that snaring in the area has shown a remarkable decrease.

Ndii/ Irima The team has classified this area as a poaching hot spot due the high level of poaching activities noticed in the area.

During the month of November the Burra team found two buffaloes alive in the snares that had trapped them. The team informed the vet unit of the cases and he acted quickly to save the lives of the buffalos.
The team also lived a number of snares targeting both small and large game. We also came across a stack of wood that was being burned to make charcoal, which is a clear indication of vegetation destruction taking place.

Ndara While on patrol in this area the team came across a poachers den and ambushed it. At the den we recovered bushmeat, from two lesser kudus, that had been hung to dry in a tree.

The team was able to arrest the poacher who was unaware of the team’s presence in the area and returned to the den to check the drying meat.
With the help of the poacher we were able to lift several snares that targeted small game.

Sagala ranch The team carried out patrols in the area, however there was no evidence of poaching taking place which could be due to the fact that it has been raining heavily in the area.

Mbulia group ranch The team lifted several snares which were concentrated in one particular area which is evidence that they all belonged to the same poacher.

Report by Mathew Kiura