Faru Team Burra Update: 01 November 2008

Faru Team Burra Update: 01 November 2008


Henry Lekochere – team leader Samuel Odero Peter Wambua Ezra Mbuthia Samuel Masaku Rajab Fundi 2 KWS Rangers

Area of operation:

During the month of November, the Burra team covered the following areas: Ndii, Mbulia ranch, Sagalla ranch and Ngutuni ranch.


FINDINGS During the months operations the team lifted a total of 357 snares, 149 of which targeted big game with 208 targeting small game.

The carcasses of two elephants, two Dikdik and one buffalo were found at Ngutuni ranch and Sagalla ranch respectively.
One of the elephants that was found had been hit by a cargo train at Ngutuni and had died from the impact and the injuries caused.

Observable evidence: There has been an increase in the number of snares collected this month in comparison to last few months which showed a decrease in the number of snares being found. This shows that there is an increase in poaching outside of the protected areas, such as in the community ranches which could be due to the prolonged drought that has been experienced in the area. During times of drought the tendency is for the communities in the area to engage in poaching for sustenance.

NDII (inside the park) This month the Ndii area proved to be a poaching hotspot with a total of 161 snares being lifted by the team.

The snares were mainly lifted in the area between the railway line and the parks’ boundary fence. The snares found in the park targeted large game while those found near the fence line targeted small game.
Bird traps were also lifted during patrols in the area. Logging continues to be a problem in the area.

MBULIA RANCH The communities in this area which neighbour the park have been found to be notorious poachers who are constantly setting snares, with 48 snares all targeting small game being lifted.

The ranch borders Tsavo west national park and is a vital migratory corridor for animals moving from Tsavo West National park to Tsavo East National park.

SAGALLA RANCH The team found poaching in this ranch to be rampant with 77 snares, most of which targeted large game, being lifted.

The team also came across the carcasses of two dead snared Dikdik’s during our patrols.
Illegal charcoal burning and logging are also prevalent vices in the area which pose an ever increasing threat to the environment.

NGUTUNI RANCH Ngutuni ranch was the last area that the team patrolled during the month’s desnaring anti-poaching operations. The carcasses of two elephants and one buffalo were found in the area.

The one elephant was killed when it was hit by a cargo train.
71 snares were lifted in the ranch, 41 of which targeted large game with the rest targeting small game.

Report by Henry Lekochere