Faru Team Burra Update: 01 October 2006

Faru Team Burra Update: 01 October 2006


Mathew Kiura – team leader Boro Gitau Samuel Odero Samuel Msaku Peter Wambua 2 KWS Rangers

Area of operation:

During the month of October, the Burra team concentrated its de-snaring operations in the following areas: Dokota, Ngutuni, Mbulia group ranch, Ndii/Irima, Marawenyi, Lualenyi, Mugeno ranch and Taita sisal estate. Our operations involved foot and vehicle patrols, reconnaissance and ambushes.



A total of 137 snares were lifted, 28 of which targeted large and medium sized game like Zebras, Buffaloes and gazelles, with 109 targeting small game, especially Dikdiks.

At Marawenyi the team was able to arrest one man who was in possession of Bushmeat. Two Dikdiks were found dead in snares at Kajire. The park and the areas adjacent to it have had substantial rainfall during the month of October, which affected our de-snaring operations.

Observable evidence.

The rains experienced in the Taita Taveta district during the past month have resulted in the rejuvenation of the vegetation in the area. We were able to arrest a poacher called Samson Gura Omar who was in possession of three dead Dikdiks that he was in the process of slaughtering them.

He would later sell them to the local people for 100 Kenya Shillings. Samson was arrested in the Marewenyi area and was booked at the Voi Police station under the charge of bushmeat possession.
We have noticed that poaching is carried out by few people in various different areas, who sell the bushmeat to the community members.

Dokota No poaching activities were found in this area with the exception of an abandoned poacher’s hideout.

Ngutuni Several snares were lifted that targeted both small and large game. The snares had been recently set and we believe that they all belong to one individual who is very familiar with the area and the behavior of the animals found here.

Ndii The snares lifted from this area were mainly large snares that targeted big game.

Following the downpour of rain there has been a rejuvenation of the vegetation which has attracted many wild herds that come to graze in the area. Several herds of cattle grazing in the park were also encountered by the team.

Ngutuni Snaring in the Ngutuni area has declined thins month due to the frequent patrols that are carried out by the team.

Lualenyi/Mugeno/Taita Sisal Estate It has been reported to us that there is a lot of night poaching taking place in these areas. Due to the adverse weather conditions the team was not able to conduct frequent dusk and dawn ambushes. However the few ambushes that we did carry out did not yield any results other than to attempt to deter the poachers by making our presence felt.

Mbulia The number of snares that were found in this area has declined in comparison to the past months. All the snares recovered targeted small game.

Kajire Like the snares found at Mbulia, the snares lifted in the Kajire area targeted small game.

During our patrols the team also came across two dead Dikdiks that were already decaying.

Community The team conducted environmental education programs via video shows and talks in various schools in the area.

The schools visited were Maktau secondary school, Moon link academy, Coast High School, Munda Secondary school and Kalela Primary School.

The children from Kaloleni children’s home together with students from Kalela primary school were treated to a field trip.

The children visited Aruba Dam, Luggard’s Fall and Mbololo river circuit. They were able to see several wild animals and saw various natural features such as Luggard’s fall.
The children had a lovely time and enjoyed themselves immensely.

Report by Mathew Kiura