Duma Team Chyulu Update: 01 January 2007

Duma Team Chyulu Update: 01 January 2007


James Mbuthia – team leader Julius Kyalo Nasarwa Esimegele Isaiah Ndei Kathuki Ngongo Mumo

Area of operation:

During the month of January the Chyulu team patrolled the following areas: Utu, Ngiluni, Sinai, Mbotela, Mbuknoi, Chyulu 2, Kikunduku, Kathekakai, and the Chyulu pump circuit to Kilaguni.



The team was busy during the month as it had a variety of activities to undertake. Opening the roads in the park was our main priority as they had hindered our operations. About 32 kilometers of road has already been cleared with more needing to be done.

We visited various hotspots during our patrols with a total of 18 people being arrested. No cases of bushmeat poaching were found with the majority of people arrested being charged with charcoal burning and Miraa harvesting.

The area around Mbukoni and Mukameni were full of charcoal burning. The team concentrated its efforts around the areas boundaries near the main tracks and access routes. Ambushes were laid and individuals carrying sacks of charcoal and their tools were arrested.

We also made sure to destroy all the charcoal kilns that we came across during our patrols in order to frustrate the charcoal burners. Due to our continued presence there appears to be a decrease in the number of people entering the park.

During this time of year it has been noticed that the animals move to the ranches where they are prone to poaching. The team will therefore have to continually patrol the ranches where lamping and spearing is on the increase.

Report by James Mbuthia