Duma Team Chyulu Update: 01 October 2007

Duma Team Chyulu Update: 01 October 2007


De – Snaring Report for October 2007


James Mbuthia – team leader Julius Kyalo Nasarwa Esimegele David Wambua Isaiah Ndei 4 KWS Rangers

Area of operation:

During the month of October the Chyulu team patrolled the following areas: Kithasyu, Metava, Kisula, Umani Springs and forest, Mbondeni and the Triangle.



While based at Kithasyu the team patrolled the Metava area. The area was visited due to the number of arrests that had been made in the same area during patrols carried out last month. No arrests were made, but footprints were observed every day. Due to this observation the team decided to carry out its patrols at night. Ambushes were laid and two wood carvers were arrested. Upon interrogation the perpetrators gave us information about other culprits who were in the park. Acting on this information the team visited the Kisyula caves where another two wood carvers were arrested.

The team then moved its desnaring activities to the Umani Springs area where 41 snares were lifted.

A dead snared bush pig and bushbuck were found.
All the snares were lifted, but unfortunately no arrests were made.

The team then moved its camp to the Mbondeni area, which is another poaching hotspot. The area is isolated and full of rough terrain, which makes patrolling the area difficult. Poachers take advantage of this fact in order to commit various vices. For this reason the team has decided to open up several abandoned roads in order to make the area more accessible and easier to patrol. Footprints of the wood carvers and bush meat poachers who pass through the area in order to reach Iltilal could be clearly seen. We carried out patrols for a whole week, putting pressure on the culprits so as to stop them from using the establish routes. Unfortunately no arrests were made.

During the final week of our operations we moved our camp to the Mtito area so as to patrol the Triangle of Tsavo East National Park. The objective of our patrols was to visit the poaching hotspots in an effort to arrest the poachers operating in the area. 70 snares were lifted which targeted small, medium and large game. The majority of the snares had been set around the isolated pools found along the Mtito River. The team continued to put pressure on the hotspots while at the same time patrolling the community areas. A bush meat poacher was arrested while hawking meat at Kyusiani. 10 kilograms of Lesser Kudu meat, 2 Dikdiks and a bicycle were confiscated from the perpetrator.

At Kamunyu 39 snares targeting Dikdiks were lifted.

3 loggers in possession of 6 beams of timber were arrested near Mtito town. A bicycle was confiscated along with the timber. The logging of Melia fokensae is a thriving business for the carpenters at Mtito and its environs.


The road project continues with 7 casuals on the ground working on the Kikunduku-Utu road. The team leader is closely monitoring their progress and the work is going well.

Report by James Mbuthia