Ndovu Team Ithumba Update: 01 December 2003

Ndovu Team Ithumba Update: 01 December 2003


Wambua Kikwatha Paul Kasau Feisal Muteti Munywoki Kisangi Wekesa Mhebi 2 KWS rangers


During this period, patrols were done along the established hot spots. A total of 219 snares were lifted along the above areas. Snaring during this period was low compared to the last months. Normally poaching during the rainy season is low due to farming commitments. Most of the poachers are engaged in their farms dedicating less time to poaching. The problem resumes gradually from January towards the peak period from June to October. However there are hardcore poachers who poach through out the year. Such consider poaching as a profession and are identified with such. These groups of poachers operate deep in the park staying for as long as two to three weeks.

However the rains this season were not good.. Communities expectations of harvesting is not forthcoming a situation that is likely to worsen poaching. We expect many poachers this time than any other period. This means that the de-snaring teams must be prepared to face the challenge. There is a need to strategies and to mobilize the available resources to achieve the desired success