Ndovu Team Ithumba Update: 01 January 2003

Ndovu Team Ithumba Update: 01 January 2003

Area of operation

Operations during this month were mainly centered along the Kasaala-Kimweli boundary and the area around the park headquarters. Patrols along Umbi cut line and along Tiva were also checked but not thoroughly.


Wambua Kikwatha -Team leader Francis Itumo -Assistant team leader Munywoki Kisangi -Tracker Odero Samuel -Car guard Martin Wambua -Cook


This month recovered the least number of snares ever lifted since the beginning of the project. This could be attributed to various factors including the fact that this is a harvesting period when the majority of poachers are busy in their farms. The de-snaring team was also immobilized by lack of a vehicle as it was being repaired making them patrol where they could walk to and back to base. During this period 106 snares were recovered all comprising small snares for small animals.

Poachers along this stretch tend to shift partially from poaching to honey harvesting, which is at its peak period between January and March, many footprints where sighted in the park and after tracking. During this period the vegetation is so bushy and animals are scattered making snaring along the usual tracks less fruitful. It is important to change strategy from tracking along poacher tracks to concentrating along waterholes that are likely to be targeted.

Community awareness

Community awareness progressed well during this month. The team met the sports committee to map out a strategy to better incorporate the youth in our project. It was recommended that the separate team should from a team on location that will be able to come together for joint functions facilitated by us. Next month we intend to donate football and volleyballs and nets to their clubs as part of our commitments towards the clubs prosperity. As we have been doing we will take this opportunity to show wildlife films and conservation talks. Schools visited for conservation education include Kasaala secondary, Kimweli primary school, and Kivuti primary school. Film shows and lectures took place. Mid January we had a meeting with the regional wildlife clubs of Kenya educational officer who was impressed by our involvement in wildlife clubs education. Plans are underway to organize a joint educational function targeting schools and patrons along the northern boundary and the Mtito boundary.

Compiled by

Wambua Kikwatha.