Ndovu Team Ithumba Update: 01 March 2003

Ndovu Team Ithumba Update: 01 March 2003

Area of operation

The March operation was centered along the Tiva River, Yatta and the area along the Kasaala Tiva River.


Wambua Kikwatha - Team leader Patrick Mutuku - Team leader Francis Itumo - Assistant team leader Munyoki Kisangi - Track Martin Wambua - Cook Samuel Odero - Car guard


This month, the de-snaring operation focused on areas that gave not been patrolled for along period especially part of the Yatta. The Macho Kambo section and the adjacent part of the Yatta have not been successful due to inaccessibility. This period, we managed to patrol this area recovering 130 snares. The operation along the Kasaala Tiva River stretch enabled us to collect a further 205 snares. A total of 335 snares were recovered this month. It was noted that in area that we have constantly been patrolling have shown a significant decrease in the number of snares set. This is very encouraging however we can assume that the poachers are using other areas to snare animals. Three poachers were arrested during this month. In general, snaring has gone down in the areas we that we have focused our community projects on.

Road Work

The March operation included road repairs and clearing areas. This is an equally important activity because poor roads are the biggest constraint that we face when we are on patrol. A very important Tundani Tiva road was cleared and graded enabling access to the Yatta and the Tundani – Tiva areas. Poachers for a long time have taken advantage of bad roads and therefore have increased snaring in these sorts of areas. Other roads, which need to be cleared are the Macho Kombo, Tharakana, Kathanila and the Gazi circuit. This will facilitated effective de-snaring operations.

Community Work

As noted in previous reports, community work is usually intensified during the wet season and de-snaring is the main part of the project during the dry season. This month we managed to visit all 8 of the youth clubs and donated footballs to four. Last month we donated balls and nets to the other four clubs however due to the lack of volleyball nets and balls these four clubs did not receive any of the volleyball equipment. All these donations that we give definitely helps us to build a bond with the community, it seem that they are beginning to Trust our intentions and so are starting to work with us. Film shows were shown at Kisou Kasaala Kimweli, Ikutha girls, Ikutha boys and Ikutha primary school. In an effort to enhance networking and sharing of resources we invited the regional wildlife Club of Kenya for a joint conservation education rally held at Ikutha girls secondary school. Four schools assembled for the function which was also attended by a KWS officer.

Prepared by Wambua Kikwatha / Patrick Mutuku