Ndovu Team Ithumba Update: 01 May 2004

Ndovu Team Ithumba Update: 01 May 2004


Wambua kikwatha - team leader Munywoki kisangi - tracker Francis Nyangweso - car guard Feisal muteti -de-snares Mwoni Ikuthu - cook


During this month, the two northern area teams did not participate in any serious de-snaring patrols. This was due to the shortage of rangers. All the rangers were deployed for bandits operation in other areas. However the team carried out routine vehicle patrols along the park boundaries and major snaring points. Footprints have been observed at various areas. At least teams know where to pick up when rangers are available. Apart from this the teams were also engaged in other project activities.


The above-mentioned fence was officially launched on 12th may 2004 by the Eastern provincial commissioner Mr. John Nandasaba EBS. The P C was accompanied by the Kitui district COMMISSIONER and other provincial and district dignitaries. The PC and his convoy were received by the Director KWS, AD TE, host warden Northern area and officials from the David sheldrick wildlife trust and the fence contractor. The local administration from the neighbor community also attended. The PC was shocked by the extent of poaching in the park. In reaction he ordered all the local leaders to act accordingly to address the poaching issue.


From 23rd to 26th may 2004; the BBC filming crew visited the new orphanage at Ithumba. The intention was to film the general area in preparation for translocation of some of the voi orphans to the new orphanage. The de-snaring teams were busy preparing the release area.

MEETING THE ADTE All the team leaders met the new ADTE. This was a familiarization and discussing the way forward for the de-snaring project. The AD was very impressed by the progress the teams have made so far and promised to assist in any way possible. The issue of shortage of rangers was also discussed


During this month a number of schools were visited. Wildlife films were shown as well as conservation talks. The team leaders also attended location leaders meetings. During the meetings, the issue of the bush meat crisis was addressed. The leaders promised to work hand in hand with us in solving the problem. So far, we have received very important intelligent information from the leaders. The community is also working on an anti poaching campaign under the umbrella of the KARUFA ANTI POACHING PROGRAMM (A community based group)

Report by Wambua Kikwatha