Ndovu Team Ithumba Update: 01 November 2003

Ndovu Team Ithumba Update: 01 November 2003

Operation Areas.

Tiva River, Tundani, Kimweli, Umbi, Power Line and Boundary fence line. There has been a reduction in human activities due to the onset of the rains, most people have returned to their homesteads to plant seeds.


Kasau Lerat Francis Wekesa Munywoki Kisangi Vincent Muteti 2 KWS rangers


However, 300 snares were lifted. Sixty were for medium sized game while 240 were for smaller animals. Out of the 630 meters of electric wire that had been stolen, we collected 20 snares that had been made from it, however 570 meters is still missing. There is a large amount of logging still going on and certain species such as the mellea volkensii is becoming more rare. We only managed to arrest one poacher who was in possession of timber.

Community work

All went well with the community work. Despite how busy the community was preparing their shambas, they could still afford to set time for our awareness campaign. The villagers were angry and showed a lot of concern to cut the electric wire for the fence that was stolen. They understand how important the fence is for their crops and livestock and will not tolerate anyone who attempts to destroy it. On the 21st of November the D.O and community chiefs visited the Ithumba base to discuss the fence wire that was stolen. The D.O. promised to issue a circular to all chiefs and other local leaders to ban the sale of wire snares that are sold in the markets such as Kasaala and Ithuka, and that the dealers are to be arrested.

Prepared by Lerat kasau