Ndovu Team Ithumba Update: 01 November 2005

Ndovu Team Ithumba Update: 01 November 2005


Patrick Mutuku – team leader Lemanten Labarakwe James Lodugukiyok Mutual Koti Patrick Ekai 2 KWS rangers

Areas Covered

During the course of this month the Ithumba team patrolled the following areas: The Tiva River and the Fence line, as well as the Umbi, Umaumaa, Kanziko and Tundani areas.



The aim of our patrols this month was to be a continuous presence so as to deter any poachers from setting snares and killing animals. On the first day we managed to arrest a poacher in possession of Dikdik meat.

We did this after following his footprints to the area that he had hidden his catch. We then mounted a successful ambush which led to his arrest.

As this is the rainy season the amount of snaring has decreased. Sadly this is only temporary as the rains are as well as unpredictable and unreliable something which can negatively impact the entire Tsavo ecosystem.

Due to the rains the Tiva River has swollen and we were unable to cross it. The rains have also aided the poachers by concealing their footprints. We have therefore changed our tactics changing the times of our patrols and ambushes. A meeting with the men who maintain the fence-line yielded vital information which led to the eventual arrest of a poacher who for months had been able to escape arrest.

We have found that more emphasis and patrols need to be carried out along the fence line as due to the proximity to their farms the poachers are able to place snares in this area.

The DDS visit to the Northern Areas can not escape mention. This visit boosted the de-snaring teams’ morale. He prevailed upon everyone to continue to work as a team in order to excel and achieve many things.


This month we were able to show educational films to three different schools, Kavete Primary School, Ngwate Primary School and Kaluluini Primary School. The films were well received by the children who were able to understand them as they had been translated.

We also managed to complete the first batch of 21 desks which are going to be given to Tsavo Primary School.

Furthermore we have been busy helping with the final touches to the Ithumba campsite which is due to be launched on the 8th of December 2005.

Report by Patrick Mutuku