Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 April 2001

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 April 2001

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Participants Wambua Kikwatha James Mbuthia John Malonza Simon Kisangau Ibrahim Harake Josphat Nzue

FINDINGS At the Chinese base, only old snares were collected. Most of the snares lifted from the stations were also old ones, however there were few new ones. Patrolling the Kyulu station we had a brief meeting with the station master and the entire staff. They could not accept responsibility but promised to keep vigil incase anyone trespasses their area. Afterwards, the officer commanding security Tsavo West visited the station regarding the snaring issue.

Meanwhile, the home team has been patrolling the privately owned land adjacent to the Park. Snaring has ceased dramatically after we raised the issue with the culprits’ boss and patrolled with KWS rangers. We have also been receiving information about poaching on the Yatta. In fact some people were seen drawing water from the Athi River directly opposite Mr. Forster’s house. They were armed with arrows. Kambu/Athi River junction is said to be the entry and exit point. Mtito River stretch and the waterholes needs to be patrolled as well because this is the snaring peak time. This will enable us to conclude that snaring has been eradicated almost completely if we do not get snares.

Report compiled by Wambua Kikwatha