Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 August 2003

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 August 2003

This month the areas covered included the railways within the triangle, waterholes and the Tsavo river stretch.


James Mbuthia- Team leader David Njoroge – Assistant Team Leader John Malonza - Tracker Julius Mwania – Security Duncan Ndungu – In camp Abdullahi– KWS Masaku Mbanga-KWS


A total of 227 snares were lifted, of which 99% targeted the smaller mammals while the rest were made for the larger animals. Kenani station had the highest amount of snares possibly due to railway workers inside the park, this is a serious problem. They are the greatest challenge because they are legally allowed into the park, regular patrols will be necessary. Kenani is also an easy area for poachers to move in and out undetected. Another problem area in the Telkom station, we collected a total of 28 snares from there and they are using the old lines as snares. There is a large amount of bee hive raiding for honey going on. Patrols along the roads in the vehicle were also done where there were no signs of any people or snares.

Report by James Mbuthia