Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 August 2009

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 August 2009


Alex Macharia- Team Leader Francis Chege Nterito Kapina Semeli lolchuraki Vincent Mutua

Area of operation:

During the month of August the Mtito team patrolled the following areas: Kilalinda, Kalawa, Umani, along the Kambu River, Kari, Kiboko, and Makindu.



The Team managed to lift a total of 202 snares the majority of which targeted small game with only 13 targeting medium sized game and 9 targeting large game.

We came across the carcasses of six animals and were able to rescue a Dikdik from a snare.
A poisoned arrow was also found by the team.



We visited both these areas after receiving information that an elephant had been killed by poachers who had managed to escape with the tusks. We found the elephant carcass which had been covered in branches in an effort to conceal it.

We came across numerous signs of elephants being present in both areas and it is therefore paramount that we are vigilant in our patrols as these areas are not often patrolled by KWS rangers. In a period of two days we were able to lift 79 snares all of which targeted small game.


Most of the animals targeted by poachers in this area are small animals such as Dikdiks and antelopes. We came across two dead snared Dikdiks and were able to rescue one snared Dikdik.

Several Dikdik carcasses were also seen and we collected more than 67 snares.
Even thought the river is dry the area is often visited by wildlife that come to the river in search of browse.


There were not many signs of illegal activities taking place in the above areas which is a contradiction to the reports received from informers who tell us that poaching is taking places, especially at night. A total of 34 snares were lifted and two poachers were able to evade arrest. The majority of poachers operating in these areas do so at night using torches, as opposed to using snares. This trend could be due to the fact that the areas have a lot of open vegetation cover which favors night poaching.


Our efforts at Umani were concentrated at the Kibwezi forest. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trusts presence in this area has encouraged an influx of animals with Zebra, buffaloes and elephants being seen among other wildlife. The team lifted 9 small snares, and 12 medium sized snares targeting animals like the common bush buck found in the area. Charcoal burning was also seen to be taking place as was logging which is the most common offence taking place.

We were able to arrest 9 perpetrators who were handed over to the forest rangers who took them to the Kibwezi police station for booking.
The culprits were all adults between the ages of 18 and 45.

Report By

Alex Macharia