Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 December 2002

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 December 2002

Period of Operation 06.12.03 – 23.12.03


James Mbuthia -Team Leader David Njoroge -Asst. team leader John Malonza -Tracker Julius Kyalo -In- camp Mbuvi Muthoka -Car security Stephen Ngigi -KWS Shukri Boru -KWS


The team was based at Kaluku for one week and later relocated to Tsavo Gate for another week to check the railway stations. Since the start of the rains there have not been many snares found. A total of 86 snares were collected along the Mtito river stretch, with nothing found at the waterholes. The results were that 90% were made for dikdiks while the rest were made for the medium sized animals. We were yet again fortunate enough to rescue another Dik dik from a snare. At the railway stations the findings are as shown below.

Station STATION No. of Snares Mitio 4 Kanga 2 Kenani 51 Kyulu Nil Tsavo 20 Chinease Base 38 Patterson Camp Nil     Total 115

At the railway stations, 96% of the snares were made for the Dikdiks while the rest were made for the medium sized animals.

The whole operation yielded 201 snares while one animal was rescued.

I take this opportunity to thank officer commanding tsavo west Mr. Robert O’Brien for providing the team with two armed rangers throughout the year. In addition, I would like to thank the rangers for their hard work and dedication they have shown us towards the achievement of this noble cause.

Community Awareness


Two sports events were organized. On 13-12-2002 a Volleyball match was held at Ngiluni. Area residents attended in large numbers for entertainment. After the match, we had a meeting and discussed pressing issues about wildlife.

Another friendly match was held at Kyusiani playground on 26-12-02. This was a Christmas event where many young people wanted to celebrate the end of the year.

Both football and volleyball was played. On the first week of January 2003, we plan to a have a soccer tournament for the presentation of balls donated by the trust.

By James Mbuthia