Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 December 2004

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 December 2004

De-snaring report for December 2004


James Mbuthia- Team leader John Malonza - Tracker Francis Chege Msakau Mbanga Peter Wambua Isiah Ndei Mr. Kamunyu- KWS Mr. Ngundi – KWS



This month Mtito team joined up with Peregrine. A total of 123 snares were collected in the month of December, all of which were designed to capture animals no larger than a Dikdik. We concentrated mainly along the railway lines and so although the monthly snare count may seem small compared to previous months, the snares were collected in one area alone. Also we found a large amount of charcoal burning happening in the area. There also seems to be an increase in the number of farms in the area too, this is a problem as it means more people and the gradual encroachment into the park. Added to the snares that we collected, we also conducted a clean up of the road near Mtito Andei where there was a large amount of tyre treads that littered the road and are potential snares.


On the community side of things, the distribution of seedlings took up some of our time, the following primary schools received Neem seedlings from us; Kamunyu, Ngiluni, Kyusiani, Nthunguni, Kikwasuni. Altogether a total of 1740 were distributed. This month we had two major sporting events; there was a meeting at Kyusiani where seven football clubs played against each other in a tournament. After the game trophies were handed out to the winners and runners up. There was another fixture on a smaller scale held at another school later on in the month.

Report by James Mbuthia