Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 February 2005

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 February 2005


James Mbuthia Peter Wambua John Malonza Isiah Ndei Masaku Mbanga Wilson Naingisa – KWS ranger Samuel Ndoo – KWS ranger Joseph Lepeiya KWS ranger Kasim Chora – KWS ranger George Kyalo – casual Julius Mangi - casual

Area Covered

Areas Covered: Iltilal, Kuku Ranch, Rombo, Chyulu, Triangle Nthongoni, Pipeline, Kimana, Jalai, Endasika, Langata Ngema, Utu, Noka, Nzeveni

Period: from 14th – 27th February 2005



A total of 276 snares were lifted. Two animals, a warthog and a dikdik, were rescued and released from the snares.

Eighty percent of the snares targeted dikdiks while the rest were made to trap medium sized game. 130 of the snares collected were found around Mtito town alone which is an area that serves as a hideout for many poachers. Footprints were found leading to unknown destinations within the triangle. On the Tsavo west side one of the waterholes had a lot of fresh snares from which a warthog was rescued and released.
Many waterholes have dried up or have little water remaining in them due to the prolonged drought. The animals tend to go towards the river and therefore become a priority in our operations. We expect snaring to increase due to the fact that peope are very hungry. The lamping method of poaching is being introduced because of our desnaring operations efficiency. Since the poachers will now be operating at night setting ambushes will become an automatic alternative for us. Night vision and an increase in KWS rangers will be needed in order to facilitate the necessary changes.

Jambo Project

A cross-cultural programme introduced by the trust through Sue and Joel, bridges the gap between the children of Kenya and the USA on conservation and their ways of life. Through this programme schools namely, Kamunyu, Iviani, Nthurgunu and Ngiluni were visited. The kids read letters and exchanged gifts with their Kenyan friends.

One school Iviani benefited with 20 desks which were made thanks to the money raised by their American friends.

Video Shows and Sports

Three schools were visited to be shown wildlife video shows. These were Kamunyu, Ngiluni, and Joanna Chase secondary school. Linking conservation and sports remains a priority in our objective. Youths are encouraged to plant trees around the fields in order to provide shade for the spectators. Soccer matches were scheduled for 30th of January and the 13th of February. Both matches were very successful.

Report by James Mbuthia