Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 January 2001

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 January 2001


1. Wambua Kikwatha 2. James Mbuthia 3. John Malonza 4. Kilonzo Nzyoka 5. Ibrahim Harake - KWS Ranger 6. James Naikoi - KWS Ranger 7. Simon Kisangau - Camp Manager


The January operation was a revisit of the above-mentioned areas apart from the pipeline area. Mtito river stretch has been patrolled several times while the area near waterholes has been intensively patrolled once whereby 427 snares were collected. This is the second serious patrolling in this area. The two areas yielded 196 snares. Out of 196 snares only 46 were active. About 150 snares were found hidden under a bush for future snaring, perhaps after the rains. Over 40% of the active snares were old ones which did not show signs of recent servicing. Many of the snares lifted were found camouflaged well in the green vegetation, making them difficult to locate. The team had a rough time maneuvering through thick bushes. Most game trails had been blocked by the overgrown vegetation so it was not easy to see poachers’ foot prints. Nevertheless we penetrated deep into the Park.

The area along the pipeline yielded 32 snares, all made for small game. Snaring here is due to the proximity to Mtito Andei town. The railway area yielded 5 snares. Less than two kilometers stretches were covered on both railway and pipeline.

A total of 233 snares were lifted during the operation. The next operation will be staged along the pipeline, railway line and along the Tsavo River.

Report compiled by Wambua Kikwatha