Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 January 2002

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 January 2002

Period Of Operation 15.01.02 – 28.01.02

Area of Operation.

The Park Triangle, targeting the waterholes, and the Mtito River from it’s confluence with the Athi, all the way up to Mtito Town. The Athi from the Mtito to Patterson’s Camp near the Tsavo.

Participants: James Mbuthia - Team Leader John Malonz - Tracker Julius Mwania- In Camp Hussein Kala - KWS Ranger Francis Mwangi- KWS Ranger Julius Kyalo- in camp.


Only 47 snares were lifted during the January operation. This is the lowest snare figure recorded so far since the project began two and a half years ago. Among the snares only two were made for large animals, all the rest for dik dik. The snares were old, rusty, and camouflaged in the vegetation. . The Mtito River stretch and the waterholes within the triangle seem to have far less snares than before added to which there is also a definite increase in the amount of wildlife in these areas.

Several factors could be attributed to this success. Firstly the community has come to appreciate the importance of wildlife to some degree through our conservation awareness efforts over the past two.

Secondly, people are harvesting crops and so are either not hungry or too busy to snare.

Finally, KWS has also intensified their patrols inside the park, which is a mild deterrent to anyone who wishes to snare.

Our next efforts will cover the watercourses, the main reason for this is that is the dry season has begun and therefore animals congregate around the rivers due to the waterholes drying up.

Community Awareness

KIKWASUNI TEXT BOOK PRESENTATION: On 21st January 2002 textbooks were presented to Kikwasuni Primary School by us on behalf of the Trust and the donor of the books, SAFARICOM Everyone was extremely happy and seem more posetive about working about protecting wildlife.

After one week I visited the school to check on the progress of the Wildlife Club. I was amazed to see that the school had enrolled another 18 students in a week, it seems that with all the new books and a general change in attitude, people have more faith in the school.

MANGELETE AND MATANGINI VISITS: Matangini and Mangelete Primary Schools were visited. The Wildlife Clubs are picking up well and quite a few are planning to renew their membership this year. The Clubs are also going to be setting up tree planting nurseries.

IVIANI PRIMARY SCHOOL AND JOANNA CHASE SECONDARY SCHOOL: The Wildlife Club at Iviani is doing very well. They have started a tree nursery with the help of their patron, Mr. Thuku. Joanna Chase Wildlife Club is also ding well and the members are reviewing the activities for this year.

Future Plans

Once the community project gets going we would like to establish more sports clubs, children seem to thrive participating in sporting activities.

Earlier last year, we decided to link conservation with sports, to harness the youth, and bridge some gaps between us. Several different games have been established and we will introduce others when we can get the equipment.

FOOTBALL TOURNAMENTS : Mambo Football Club(from Kamunyu and Ngiluni Area), Kyusyani Football Club have already been established. These clubs are doing very well and volleyball matches have also started. They have been participating in various Championships, and winning small things which we believe is a motivation to be involved.

All sporting events are followed by a wildlife show on one of the mobile cinemas.

ATHLETICS: With the starting of the athletics season, I wish to start training the young people in preparation for the trials, there are a large amount of people who have shown interest.

Report by James Mbuthia (Teamleader)