Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 January 2010

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 January 2010


Alex Macharia James Nyumu Nterito Kapina Francis Chege Semeli Lolchuraki Peregrine team

Objectives To retrieve snares that have been set in the bush and reach out the community with the purpose of educating them about wildlife and the need to protect it.

Areas Covered

During the course of this month the areas covered included Kilalinda, Mtito River, the Triangle, community areas and the Trust land.


INTRODUCTION With the heavy rains continuing poaching activities have declined while other illegal activities, such as logging and charcoal burning, continue to take place at the same level. The reason for the decline in poaching could be due to the fact that poachers are tending to their crops. Furthermore the rain has caused the vegetation to grow and become lush thus hiding snares that have been set and making it difficult to lift them which could account for the decline in the number of snares found this month.

Findings Community/private lands The most common illegal activity taking place in the community and private lands continues to be logging. Only 13 snares were lifted all of which were rusty indicating that they had been set a while ago. Few animals were seen in these areas which is due to the fact that there is now enough browse for the wildlife inside the park so they no longer venture out in search of food.

Triangle/Mtito River The carcasses of an Elephant and a giraffe were seen during our patrols in the area. The tusks were missing from the elephant carcass which had been dead for about a week.

The cause of death could not be established. The giraffe had been dead much longer and was completely rotten. Its death could not be accurately established although the presence of skin and small pieces of cloth in the vicinity pointed to some form of human involvement. Various bicycle tracks were seen which shows that loggers and charcoal burners are entering the park illegally.
Around every charcoal kiln that the team came across we found set snares and were able to lift a total of 39 snares in the Triangle.

Kilalinda and Trust land We did not see many animals in the area, however, charcoal burning and logging are taking place and we saw several charcoal kilns in the process of being built and prepared for burning the logged wood.

COMMUNITY AWARENESS As part of our conservation awareness program two schools were given taken on game drives in Tsavo West National Park. The trips were thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended with 26 pupils from each school taking part in the excursions. The schools that benefited from the trips were Kikwasuni and Grace Academy.

A total of 235 tree seedlings were distributed to Kikwasuni, Miangeni and Matulani primary schools as well as to the local communities.

Report by Alex Macharia