Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 June 2002

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 June 2002

Participants James Mbuthia Team Leader John Malonza Tracker Julius Mwania In Camp Predelix Mutuku


During The operation the team was based at home (Kaluku). Regular patrols were done on the Trust land as well as the Mtito Andei confluence to Marcus Dunn’s land about 14 kms upstream.

A total of 67 snares were lifted, most targeting dik dik. This area is normally patrolled by our home-based desnaring team, who constantly keep up the pressure – hence the few snares.

However, snaring across the river on the Yatta is going on. After sealing off our area of operation poachers are left with no other option but to cross the river to the Yatta. We have been informed that the majority of poachers come from Darajani and Kalawa areas.

The season, being dry, is a peak snaring period, and pressure needs to be kept up as animals concentrate on the river for water.


It seems more that more people are getting involved in conservation.


On 15th June, through the Trust, Iviani Primary School Wildlife Club members benefitted from a trip to Tsavo West National Park. 65 students, 5 teachers, and 2 community members had a chance to explore the wild, learn and watch animals in the field. Many students had never entered the Park before and it was a very exciting moment for them all. We feel these trips are playing a major role in enhancing conservation awareness in the Community.


Wildlife clubs are doing well at Kamunyu and Iviani Primary Schools. A small museum is being established at Ngiluni Primary School.


Football championships were held on 2nd this month bringing 4 teams to Kyusiani playground. They included Ukoni, Kamunyu, Ngiluni, Kyusiani and Mavindini. Training in athletics has been going on at Kamunyu Primary School where there is quite a large group of promising young athletes.


The seeds sown early last month have already germinated and will be ready for transplanting into plastic bags next month.

Report by James Mbuthia