Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 June 2004

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 June 2004


James Mbuthia David Njoroge John Malonza Francis Chege Masakau Mbanga Elema -KWS Nzioki –KWS


This month a total of 143 snares were collected, the majority of which were designed to catch small game. We also managed to rescue and release three Dikdiks which had been caught in snares. This month we found that the area with the most snares was at Kanga railway station. Major waterholes have dried out now and there is little water to attract any wildlife. There was a large amount of footprints found in the park this month, going in and coming out. Our constant patrols in the triangle seem to be having a very positive result with a very low amount of snares recovered there.

Community work

The community leaders were treated to a trip to Tsavo West national park. The trip was aimed at getting all the leaders together to discuss conservation and to talk about any problems that may have arisen. The talk was about wildlife but mainly in land degradation from over grazing and charcoal burning. There seems to be a problem with elephants which are becoming a menace to the community in Ngai Ndettya as they have destroyed some crops. This was bought to our attention and is something that we along with the Kenya Wildlife Service will have to deal with before more harm is done. Kerrigan Waves donated some sporting equipment to some of the schools, Kyusiani, Iviani and Kikwasuni and a video was shown to Nthunguni primary school.

Report by James Mbuthia