Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 June 2008

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 June 2008


Alex Macharia – team leader Francis Chege Semeli Lolchuraki Nterito Kapina James Nuymu Vincent Mutua 4 KWS rangers

Areas Covered

During the course of the month of June the following areas were patrolled by the Mtito de-snaring team: Mangerete, Kenani, Kanga, the Triangle area, and the Mtito River.




During the course of the month a total of 203 snares were lifted during the team’s patrols.

Of the snares retrieves 18 were big snares, 51 were medium snares and 134 were small snares.

Mangerete During our patrols in the Mangerete area we were able to arrest one poacher. The arrested individual was working together with five other poachers, among them a renowned poacher named Kathuki. Unfortunately the other poachers escaped arrest by running away as soon as they saw us. Each of the poachers was in possession of poisoned arrows, a bow and a bag.

According to the arrested poacher they were all on their way to Ngulia hills on an elephant poaching mission. It is important to note that Kathuki was once a desnaring team member who got sacked once it was discovered that he was poaching.
A Dikdik was found dead in a snare and charcoal burning kilns were seen during our patrols.

Triangle, Kenani, and Kanga areas During our patrols in these areas we were able to lift a large number of snares and were thankfully able to rescue a Dikdik from a snare.

Logging activities were seen to be taking place, especially in the Kanga and Kenani areas. Cases of night poaching were also noticed to be taking place, as evidenced by the presence of footprints and the numerous used batteries found in the park by the team members. Unfortunately we also came across a dead snared Dikdik

Mtito River Circuit A total of 121 snares, the most of all the areas patrolled, were lifted during our patrols in the Mtito River Circuit. The snares were small and medium in size.

Charcoal burning is also found to be a problem in the area. 3 buffalo carcass were seen as well as a dead zebra.
We were unable to establish the cause of death of either of the two buffaloes or the zebra. However the one buffalo had been killed by a snare.

COMMUNITY WORK Matulani and Nzayo Primary Schools received a donation of sports equipment from The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Muasaa Secondary school and Victory primary school were both treated to a field trip into Tsavo West National Park. Both schools visited Mzima springs, Shetani lava, Chaimu hills, Ngulia lodge, Ngulia valley and Rhino Sanctuary.
The students were lucky to see numerous different types of wildlife during their trips, such as Elephants, Zebras, Giraffes, Antelopes, Ostriches, Monkeys, Baboons, Lions and even a leopard.

Report by Alex Macharia