Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 March 2003

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 March 2003

Area covered

Mtito River stretch and also the following areas; Ngiluni, Kyusiani, Mangalete, Matangini, Pipeline cut line, railway stations, Kanga Kyulu, Kenana, China Base and Telkom station.


David Njoroge – Assistant Team Leader John Malonza - Tracker Julius Mwania – Security Masaku Mbanga – In camp Wilson Nangisa– KWS Chemilimil– KWS


The team was based at Kaluku for one week and later relocated to Tsavo gate to check on the railway stations and their environs. The operation yielded a total of 246 snares with small animals like dikdiks mainly targeted, they were what 98% of the snares were set out to catch and the other 2% of the snares were targeting larger animals. As we come to the end of the dry season we are expecting to collect quite a large amount of snares as this correlates with the end of the season of harvesting. The water holes visited show no signs of snaring but freshly vacated meat roasting areas were evident. Areas like Telkom station recorded a high number of snares, on this note we issued a stern warning on snaring along and around the station to the staff. Signs of freshly cut logs and newly built kilns were in evidence and therefore charcoal burning and the felling of trees was still high in the park.

Community awareness

This month community work video shows and lectures were a priority. The community awareness campaign on wildlife conservation had a major boost with the presence of KWS education officer madam Nelly on standby and for Madam Lucy. Her presence and lectures to the school and the community motivated everyone with every pupil promising to contribute more on wildlife conservation. T would like to thanks the KWS education officers and hope that co-operation will continue.

Written by David Njoroge.