Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 May 2002

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 May 2002

Period of Operation 15.05.02 – 27.05.02

Area of Operation

Railway Stations within the Triangle, Tsavo River Stretch from Maneaters to Athi River confluence, Pattersons camp and along the pipeline cutline. The camp was set at Tsavo Gate.

Participants James Mbuthia – team leader Pederix Mutuku - John Malonza - tracker Julius Mwania - in camp Mark Loloibor - Mohamed Afroza KWS Rangers Julius Kyalo - in camp


A total of 312 snares were lifted during this operation. This is the snaring peak period.

Station No Of Snares Other Findings Tsavo 39   Chinese base 16   Kyulu 171 Charcoal burning Kenani 26   Kanga 60   Patterson’s Camp nil   Pipeline cutline nil Found Dead Dik diks Total 312  

As noted in the table above, Kyulu Station had a shocking number of snares and remains one of the hotspots, the snares targeted dik dik and medium sized animals. Following the above findings, we moved further inside and discovered new hideouts.

Conservation awareness among the railway workers is met with a major challenge. Frequent transfers and reshuffles always brings a new group of people that need to be enlightened. When we have our new mobile cinema, we will be showing wildlife films to all of them.

Community Awareness


As part of our awareness efforts, Kamunyu Wildlife Club members, teachers and two community members had the chance to visit Tsavo West National Park on the 11th. The pupils had the opportunity to learn about animals of all kinds. This was a great success mainly because there are quite a few people who have never seen certain animals let alone learnt about them. Many thanks to Safaricom for the generous donation.


Our conservation strategies have fallen on fertile ground, especially amongst the young.

A Wildlife Club Member, Paul Dominic Sila, a pupil at Iviani Primary School, rescued a baby duiker from a pack of domestic hunting dogs while grazing his goats. He started to take care of the animal by feeding it on goat’s milk. It was then reported to me and we managed to reintroduce it into the park successfully.


Various schools were visited and are actively involved in conservation activities. Kamunyu and Iviani Primary Schools are the most active. Soon after arrival of our new mobile cinema, we intend to start showing wildlife films again in the schools and wider community. Conservation talks, debates, and games have become quite interesting.


This month we organized a soccer tournament which is scheduled for 1st and 2nd June. The event is bringing together six teams and kick off will be at Kyusiani. 4 balls have been provided as prizes for the first three teams.

Report by James Mbuthia