Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 November 2003

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 November 2003

Area covered

Mtito river stretch, waterholes within the triangle and yumbuni area of Tsavo West national park.


James Mbuthia David Njoroge John Malonza Masaku Mbanga Jared Matara Abdullahi wale


The operation was aimed at keeping up the pressure in the above areas and sealing true major penetration points. Two people who had trespassed into the park to poach were arrested. A total of 364 snares were collected as usual the majority of which were made for Dikdiks. Two Dikdiks were released from the snares. Also we visited a total of 17 water holes, there we found 12 snares, though there were many foot prints which indicated that there have been people moving in and out on a regular basis. We think that the snaring levels have dropped slightly, this is because of people are returning to farming with the rains. However the rains have not been very good and unless we have more rains then we can expect an increase in snaring. We will have to set ambushes at night if we plan to catch these people. On a happy side, a young boy from one of the communities rescued a very small Duiker that had been caught by a pack of dogs and was very lucky to come out unharmed. The child looked after the Duiker by feeding it on cow’s milk for four days and keeping it warm. He then reported it to us and gave it to the Trust for the Trust house.


With the start of the rains seeds were planted in a number of different schools. The following schools benefited from the seedlings;

Kamunyu 250 Iviani 200 Ngiluni 250 Kilawasuni 150 Mangalete 300 Matulani 150 Nthinguni 250 Matingini 200 Kyusiani 250 Joanna Chase Secondary 300


Kyusiani and Nthinguni primary schools benefited from video shows.


Tsavo east rangers FC played Mtito community on the 9th this month. It was an excellent game and the KWS personnel joined in. The atmosphere was very good indeed and there will be an after match at a later date.

Report by James mbuthia