Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 September 2003

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 September 2003

Area covered

Mtito river stretch to the Athi confluence to Mtito town


James Mbuthia David Njoroge John Malonza Julius Mwania Masaku Mbanga Josphat Njue Wilson Nangiza


A total of 425 snares were lifted 95% were designed for DikDiks and the other 5% for larger animals. The majority of snares collected were found around Mtito town while the rest were sparsely scattered along the river stretch. During the drought period people are hungry and so they turn to snaring in order to eat. Around Mtito, where most of the poachers hide it is necessary to have a good intelligence network. We found a lot of fresh footprints were found in the park that shows that there are people moving around the park illegally. One positive outcome of the operation was that none of the snares had captured anything and so for that reason we can say the operation was successful.

Community awareness

Three schools benefited with wildlife video shows, Nthunguni, Mangalete and Kamunyu. The activities of the wildlife clubs are going very well with children taking their own initiative and coming up with new ideas. Another positive aspect this month is the children themselves getting involved in de-snaring. One group of students from kamunyu school have lifted tens of snares and managed to rescue and release 2 DikDiks caught in the snares. Jambo project went well, the children are very keen on their artwork and the letters that they have received from the USA. They have embarked on jewelry making out of the seeds as well as weaving of small baskets and hats. Soccer matches have been organized on various pitches; Iviani, Mamba,Ilikoni and Kyusiani have all played each other. Communities are coming together now to dig holes for the next lot of trees to be planted for the rains. All in all this was a very good month on the de-snaring front as well as the community side.

Report by James mbuthia