Peregrine Team Update: 01 April 2002

Peregrine Team Update: 01 April 2002


Patrick Mutuku Kilonzo Nzioka


In our usual area of operation a total of 13 snares were lifted. 4 snares around Sassoons camp, 1 snare at Nutter’s Farm and 8 snares at Simon Trevor’s land, which surprisingly is just two kilometers from our base. On Simon Trevor’s land, the poaching must have been carried out at night because this area is patrolled on a daily basis. The poachers are cunning – they put the snares late in the evening, and remove them, plus their catch, very early in the morning.

Community Project

The community awareness campaign through the Primary Schools has been very successful. We couldn’t help noticing the enthusiasm with which the schools have registered their Wildlife Clubs this year. There has also been a change of attitude with strong co-operation from community members, who inform us of poachers’ and wood loggers crossing into the Park at night.

The Youth Clubs are very active. This month two competitions were organized. They served effectively in carrying out awareness campaigns to the community at large.

Some of the tree nurseries are doing fine, while others are suffering from lack of water. We intend to start a tree nursery on the Trust Land, which will cater for the parts of the community lacking water.

There is a dire need for the video wildlife shows in the Primary Schools. This was a very effective tool for moulding young minds.

Report by Patrick Mutuku