Peregrine Team Update: 01 April 2004

Peregrine Team Update: 01 April 2004


Peter Wambua Isaiya Ndei Julius Muthoka

Area Covered

The areas covered by our teams this month were the farms surrounding the Trust land.


Within this area snaring levels have declined. For the last few months including this one we have found very few active snares. We have also seen that the communities along the Mtito river have started to change in that they are setting fewer snares and are concentrating most of their efforts on irrigation in farming. However this could have negative effects in that the river will dry out sooner and affect the animals that rely on it totally for water. There are more people who are now being employed by farmers in the area which will give the surrounding communities an extra income and take away any spare time that they have to set snares. It also means that there will be more children being sent to school and therefore will be educated more about conservation. The neem trees that have been donated by the Trust to the schools are doing very well indeed and the children in the schools are spending a lot of time on looking after them. The new tree seedlings will be transported at the end of May as they are doing very well indeed. At the start of April we have a huge amount of rain which unfortunately swept away a large sections of the nearby roads. The team did however spend some time on road repairs at the end of the month.

Report by Peter Wambua