Peregrine Team Update: 01 December 2002

Peregrine Team Update: 01 December 2002

Area of Operation

During this month we covered our normal operations along the Athi River upstream Mtito River and the adjacent farms owned by non-indigenous people.


Peter Wambua Isack Kalamba


It is during this season of high rainfall when the people in the community are very busy in their ‘shambas’ so we had witnessed low level of snaring. We patrolled along the migration routes, which are the main targets of snaring altogether we got 16 snares.

Community Project

Sports are doing well by bringing the youth together and making them busy which is another way of keeping them away from snaring. During the sports, we educate the youth on the importance of wildlife. In response, the youngsters have thanked the Sheldrick Trust for assisting them with sporting equipments such as balls and nets.

The seedlings we transplanted to the trust ‘shamba’ are doing well because there have been heavy rains at this place. We hope to plant many seedlings by preparing our nursery when the seeds at J.F.’s ‘shamba’ get ready because we depend on the ones from the trees and this is not the time for the seedlings to be ready. We hope we will get other different types of seedlings in the near future to replace the dead ones.

Report by Peter Wambua.